6 Material Handling Trends You Need To Know For 2019 

In recent years, the material handling industry has gone through many significant changes. Find out what is trending in this important sector for 2019. If your business involves material handling, and you require a new or used forklift, forklift training, or forklift servicing, contact the lift truck professionals at Wayco.


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6 Material Handling Trends You Need To Know For 2019


What Is Material Handling and Why Is It Important For Your Business?

Material handling refers to moving, protecting, storing, and controlling all of the products and materials within the manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, consumption, and disposal sectors. It involves the manual handling of products as well as semi-automated and automated systems.

Your company's material handling system is very important to the success of your business. If it is efficient and quick, it will help to strengthen your relationship with your customers, by reducing delivery times. It can also help you lower your operating costs, as your overall handling times during manufacturing, distribution, and transportation will be reduced.

Trend #1: The Material Handling Workforce Is Ageing


material handling process

The material handling industry will need to turn to younger workers to help fill the vacancies left from an ageing workforce



One of the ongoing trends affecting the material handling industry is the fact that its workforce is ageing and many workers are retiring. As a result, it has become very difficult to find qualified employees with the necessary skills and experience to fill vacant positions. It will be necessary for the industry to expand its demographics to include workers that traditionally have not been found in this sector such as women, disabled workers, veterans, and younger workers.


Trend #2: 2019 Will Continue to See More Women in the Industry



female executive

More women will enter this industry especially in executive roles



Traditionally, the material handling industry has been mostly male-dominated. That has begun to change and will continue to change into 2019 as women are being hired to fill roles in every level of the industry, including the executive level, research, and development.



Trend #3: The Material Handling Industry Will Continue to Grow as Online Shopping Grows


warehouse products

Online shopping will continue to drive the growth of the material handling industry



The rapid rise in e-commerce, especially the popularity of online shopping, will drive the growth of the material handling industry. More and more consumers are switching to online shopping and, as a result, the need for handling, sorting, and delivering the products purchased is increasing. Along with this rapid growth has also come the need to track shipments in real time from the moment that the customer places the order until it is delivered.



Trend #4: Online Shopping Will Drive the Need for Faster Processing Methods



material handling

Consumers expect their purchases quickly, so material handling processes need to be fast and efficient



As consumers have made the switch to online shopping, there has also been a need to get their purchases to them as fast as possible. Consumers want what they have bought as quickly as possible, and to remain competitive in this ever-growing market, companies will need to develop the most efficient and fastest material handling processes possible. Consumers have come to expect the option of 2-day and same-day shipping which means that businesses must have inventory at multiple locations and the capability of same-day processing.

As a result, companies are racing to develop technologies that make that possible. Businesses will be looking to be more efficient and reliable in all areas including :

  • storage and retrieval systems
  • conveyor systems
  • picking and sorting

Trend #5: Automation and Robots Will Play a Larger Role in Speeding Up Processes



conveyor belt

Automation helps keep companies efficient and cost-effective



The implementation of automated systems and the use of robots will continue to help businesses speed up their material handling processes as demanded by customers while keeping costs down. The price of purchasing and installing these automated systems has come down in recent years, making them a more affordable way to speed up processes. Advances in technology have also made the automated systems more versatile to accommodate single piece picking as well as loading and unloading trucks at the pallet and carton level.

According to AutomationMag.com, Canadian manufacturers have historically trailed behind their competitors around the world in adopting new technologies. With the implementation of intelligent, automated supply chains, Canadian companies who adopt digital solutions are going to succeed while those that don't will not.



Trend #6: More Robots Will Be Taking Over and Creating Jobs





Robots create support jobs such as software developers and operators



Most people fear that the wider usage of robots in industry will just eliminate jobs. While it is partially true that robots will take over jobs that some people are doing, on the other hand, robots will also create support jobs such as robotics engineers, software developers, technicians, sales engineers, and operators.



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