6 Warehousing Trends You Must Implement In 2019 

With the increase in e-commerce, the warehouse landscape is changing. Read on to find out the latest in warehousing trends for 2019. If your business has a warehouse, you probably also use lifting devices. If you are in the market for a new or used forklift, forklift training, or forklift servicing, contact the lift truck professionals at Wayco today.


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Top 6 Warehousing Trends for 2019

E-commerce continues to rise in popularity in Canada. In 2016, seven percent of the $352 billion dollars (about $25 billion dollars) generated in retail sales came from online shopping. That number is expected to rise to 10% by 2020. This increase in online shopping is one of the main reasons for these warehousing trends this year.


Trend #1: Companies Will Be Switching to Smaller Regional Warehouses



Regional warehouses bring products closer to customers to improve delivery times



With the ever-increasing demands from customers to get their products delivered faster, companies are looking for ways to speed up the process. One way is to make sure that the products are closer to the customers. This can be done by switching from larger warehousing hubs to smaller regional warehouses in more locations. This means that the warehouses are closer to more of the population. The advantages of switching to regional warehouses include:

  • the smaller size means that it is easier to get approval to build and construct them
  • products are closer to the consumer which will shorten delivery times


Trend #2: More Companies Will Complete Their "Last Mile Delivery" Themselves



last mile delivery

Third party delivery companies are being replaced by companies doing their own last mile deliveries



Last mile delivery refers to moving goods from a transportation hub to the final destination which is usually the consumer's home address. This next warehousing trend involves companies now deciding to complete that last mile delivery themselves in order to speed up their delivery process and to remain competitive.

Generally, companies have two choices for handling their last mile deliveries: outsourcing or insourcing.

  • Outsourcing: refers to hiring a third party delivery service to deliver the product
  • Insourcing: refers to using your own staff and trucks to deliver products to customers nearby. Employees may be paid extra to do the deliveries.

The trend will be for more and more companies to take on the responsibility of doing their own last mile deliveries.


Trend #3: Accidents May Increase Because of the Pressure to Cut Delivery Times - Safety Measures Need to Be Implemented


Safety practices should never be set aside for the sake of increased speed




As the competition continues to heat up in 2019 for online business with increasing pressure to speed up warehouse processes to accommodate faster delivery times, there could very well be an increase in warehouse accidents. As employees are encouraged to speed up their processes, you may see that safety is put to one side. This needs to be monitored carefully and safety measures adhered to in order to prevent damage to your property and inventory, injury, or loss of life.

Insourcing may be a way for a company to keep costs down and keep their customers happy by delivering their purchases quickly. There are also concerns involved, however, such as safety issues that arise because your staff are not trained delivery drivers, potential damage to products or injuries as a result of an accident, and higher insurance costs.


Trend #4: More Warehouses Will Be Adopting Voice Technology



Adopting voice technology will help you cut costs and improve your efficiency



With voice technology, a human warehouse worker can speak to the warehouse management system using a headset, microphone, and wireless computer. Using radio frequencies and a local area network, employees can be given verbal instructions and then confirm once the task is completed.

Voice technology is environmentally friendly as it takes away the need for paper picking labels and it is generally easier to understand than written instructions. It can be used for:

  • Picking orders
  • Receiving goods
  • Checking stock


Trend #5: Machine-to-Machine Technology Will Be Performing More Warehouse Activities



conveyor belt

With machine-to-machine technology, your warehouse management system will be able to exchange information with other devices such as conveyor belts



Machine-to-machine (M2M) technology refers to network devices that exchange information and perform actions without the manual help of humans. In a warehouse setting, this technology can be used by the warehouse management system to monitor, control, and receive information from various equipment, including:

  • conveyors
  • pallet machines
  • wrapping and automated packing
  • work cell automation
  • coating machines

This technology improves quality control as it can record each machine's health and cuts down on human error. It also provides the warehouse manager with helpful information to use in improving operational procedures and decision-making.


Trend #6: The Use of Drones Will Continue to Increase




Two drones are able to do the work of 100 humans



Larger retail companies such as Amazon have successfully used drones in their warehouses for inventory management. Smaller retailers will probably be following their example and enjoy the benefits of drone technology. For example:

  • Two drones are able to do the job of about 100 humans and do it more accurately.
  • Aerial drones equipped with special cameras with optical sensors can find items and scan respective RFID tags from 10 meters away with a close to 100% accuracy rate.



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