A Guide to the Electric Pallet Jack 

An electric pallet jack is a type of forklift used to safely and efficiently transport materials on pallets. It is used in many different applications. Learn more about this useful device and how you can effectively work with one. If you are looking to purchase an electric pallet jack, contact the forklift experts at Wayco today.


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A Guide to the electric pallet jack



What Is an Electric Pallet Jack?

An electric pallet jack is a type of forklift that is used for low-level lifting and moving of items on a pallet. Unlike full-sized forklifts, pallet jacks are only designed to lift pallets just enough to clear the floor and enable it to travel to another location. The front wheels of the electric pallet jack are positioned inside the end of the forks. Once the forks are raised, they are separated vertically from the wheels.

Electric pallet jacks are also known as:

  • Electric power trucks
  • Walkies
  • Single or double pallet jacks
  • Power jacks

Electric Pallet Truck


An electric pallet jack is a category of forklift



Where Are Electric Pallet Jacks Used?

Pallet jacks are probably some of the most commonly used forklifts. They are extremely handy and can greatly cut down on your manual labour costs as they can quickly, safely, and efficiently move product that would take many more hours to move if it had to be done by hand. They are widely used whenever you need to easily move products on pallets from one area to another in:


pallet jacks in warehouse operation


Electric pallet jacks are widely used in warehouse settings
Image Source: Starke



How Do You Operate an Electric Pallet Jack?

Most pallet jacks are operated by using a throttle located on the handle. This allows you to go either forward or backwards. You are able to steer the jack by swinging its handle in the direction that you wish to go. Instead of using a brake to stop, you simply turn the throttle from forward to reverse, or the other way around depending on the direction you are going. This maneuver is known as "plugging." If you do want to use the brake, you need to allow the handle to "spring back to the upright position or hold it down to the lowest position."

Some electric pallet jacks are equipped with a platform that will allow you to stand on it while you are moving the pallets. Others are operated by walking beside or behind the truck and using a control handle to steer, start, and stop the device.



Pre-Owned Used Electric Walkie Stacker

Some electric pallet jack require you to walk in front or beside them as you travel



What Training Do You Need to Operate an Electric Pallet Jack?

Electric pallet jack training is similar to all other types of forklift training. As outlined by the Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act, OHSA, a new operator needs to be properly trained on using an electric pallet jack, and they must receive their certification before they begin using one. If you need to take a New Operator Forklift Training course, you can sign up for one today from Wayco. You also need to renew this certification every 3 years. If you need to renew your certification, Wayco also offers an Operator Refresher Forklift Training course.




You need to be certified to operate any forklift device including pallet jacks



Safe Operating Practices

Below is a list of safe operating practices that you should always follow when using an electric pallet jack.

Before You Begin Using Your Pallet Jack

It is very important that you perform a pre-operational inspection of your pallet jack before using it. This inspection includes:

  • Checking the surrounding area for any debris that could get in the way and removing it
  • Checking to make sure that there are no fluids leaking from your machine
  • Checking for any parts that might be damaged or cracked
  • Checking carefully that your wheels, tires, and forks are in good working condition
  • Checking that all warning labels and data plates are present and easy to read

If any of the above are found to be unsafe then you should tag the truck as out of order and you should advise your supervisor.



Rider Pallet Jacks

Some pallet jacks come with a platform to allow you to ride along instead of walking



Test Your Operating Controls

The following operating controls should be tested before operation:

  • Forks: raise and lower them
  • Horn: make sure it works
  • Brakes: make sure they are functioning properly
  • Forward and reverse controls: make sure they are operating correctly
  • Emergency reverse control: check that it is working


How to Lift a Load Safely

Before you try to lift any load, make sure that its weight doesn't exceed your electric pallet trucks maximum load capacity.

  • Check that the load is properly centred on its pallet and is stable.
  • Make sure that you have both forks under the pallet all the way and that the load is against the back of your forks before you begin to lift it.


Transporting Your Load

While you are moving your load, it is important to remember the following:

  • Make sure there are no obstructions or hazards in your route
  • Never adjust your forks while your truck is in motion
  • Always make sure that you have come to a complete stop before you lower your load


how to operate pallet jack safely


If possible, walk in front or to the side of your electric pallet jack
Image Source: Starke



Safe Walking Practices

If you are using a pallet jack that requires you to walk with it, you should follow these safe walking practices:

  • It is best to walk ahead or just to the side or your pallet jack in order to have the best visibility
  • If you have to walk behind, use extra caution and always use both hands on the controls
  • Always go at a normal walking speed, never faster
  • Keep a close lookout for other vehicles and people
  • Remember that your forks stick out ahead of your pallet so be careful as you approach other objects
  • If you are travelling on a slope, make sure your load is as stable as possible and never walk in front of it; always stay to the side



Starke Walkie Rider Pallet Truck

Always use best safety practices whenever operating a lifting device



Wayco Sells Both New and Used Quality Electric Pallet Jacks

If you are looking for top quality new or used electric pallet jacks, contact Wayco. We sell the best forklifts you can buy and our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose the perfect model that will best suit your particular applications. At Wayco, we purchase surplus equipment and we will accept your old forklift as a trade-in.

We also offer financing for both new and used forklift purchases. All of our pre-owned equipment is carefully inspected and certified with incredible warranties that will definitely ease your mind when you buy. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and we can even provide top-notch safety training for your operators. Contact Wayco today for all of your forklift needs.


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