A Handy Guide for Used Toyota Forklifts 

New and used Toyota forklifts are widely seen as the best in the business. In this article, we will outline what you need to know before purchasing the latter, beginning with a brief history of the company all the way to adding one to meet your business needs. If you are in the market for a forklift but are not sure which type will best suit your particular requirements, contact the forklift experts at Wayco today - and don't forget about the training needed to operate this machinery.


Used Toyota Forklifts


1. Used Toyota Forklifts - Assess Your Needs

New or used, buying a Toyota forklift is a big investment that can provide a large return for your business. The right forklift can help you save money, increase productivity, and decrease your overall downtime. The wrong forklift, however, can become a detriment. Here are some things to expect as you go to buy a forklift.

Before looking to buy, it's important to assess your requirements by asking the following questions:

  • How high do you need to lift?
  • Where will the forklift primarily be used – indoors or outdoors?
  • How wide are the aisles and doors?
  • How many hours will the forklift be in use per day?
  • What kind of tires will you need?
  • Are there any specific options or accessories you will need?
  • Do you have properly trained operators? This is an OSHA requirement.

The hours per day is key when considering buying used, as the general rule of thumb is if you think you’ll run a forklift more than four hours a day, consider purchasing a new forklift.




2. Discover the Advantages of Buying Used Toyota Forklifts

There are two clear advantages to purchasing a used forklift made specifically by Toyota: Acquiring a high-quality product and paying a reduced price. If you have the means, your business will want to make an investment in brand-new equipment for your employees. There are, however, situations where it's either unnecessary or cost-prohibitive to make that kind of splashy purchase, and well within reason to look for a used product instead. Often, buying used Toyota forklifts proves to be a cheaper option that reaps great rewards - not only will you save money, but you're getting a great product.

Toyota products are famous for great durability and value retention, meaning you know you'll be getting a forklift that will last despite having been previously deployed by another company.

Still, there are precautions you want to take before making this decision.

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3. Do Your Due Diligence

As with any purchase, there are a few things you should really pay attention to when buying used. Here's a handy checklist, with the pertinent points listed below:

  1. Inspect cosmetic evidence: Looking at the wear on the body of the forklift can tell you a lot about how it has been cared for and how it has been used. If the body is significantly damaged, the internal parts probably have some damage too, so buyer beware. Buyers should also specifically look for:
    • Fluid Leakage: If you see fluid leaking from any part of the forklift, you should be concerned. Leaking fluid is a red flag that something may be wrong with the forklift. Performance can potentially suffer and additional damage can be incurred.
    • Smoking or Slow Starting Engine: Again, these are warning signs that the forklift likely has some internal issues. It could be as simple as needing a tune-up or something much more involved.
  2. Inspect a potential purchase: Even after looking at the cosmetic evidence, get a qualified technician to do a deep dive; they'll see things that a less educated eye may miss.
  3. Ask questions: It's good to inquire as to how and where the forklift has been used in the past. Whoever is selling the used forklift should be willing to let you look at the condition of anything they are selling and give it a test drive. If the sales person seems uncomfortable with you checking out the forklift, walk away from the deal. Always ask for maintenance records.
  4. Ensure equipment capabilities: Make sure you know exactly what you want to use your forklift for and whether or not the one you’re looking at fits your needs. Do not settle for specifications that are not matched to the scope of your equipment needs.

Contact Wayco Multi-lift if you have any questions about what to look for in used Toyota forklifts, and click here for a printout.

Pre-owned Used Pneumatic Forklift Toyota



4. Avoid These Mistakes

Above and beyond the aforementioned checklist, potential buyers will want to avoid making the following errors.

  • Not taking the test drive: Few would purchase a used car without taking it for a test drive, and a forklift deserves the same treatment. If you are not an operator yourself, have one of your trained employees who knows your operation take the forklift for a spin. This would be a good opportunity to see if those who will be driving it are comfortable behind the wheel of this particular machine. Make sure the forklift is running smoothly, and all of the functions are still operational.
  • Purchasing a model that you can no longer get parts for: Always contact a local forklift expert, such as Wayco, and make sure the product you are purchasing is still being manufactured. If it isn’t, repairs could end up being more difficult. The lift truck professionals at Wayco work with all makes and models of lifting devices and they can let you know about the availability of parts for any model. Not only can they offer you the best advice on which used forklift to buy, but they also sell the area's best selection of quality used forklifts.
  • Overlooking small issues: If the forklift appears to have been previously improperly maintained, don't take the chance; it's not worth acquiring equipment that will require heavy repairs or restorations in the not too distant future. For example, if it takes a couple tries to start the engine up, you may need to ask a few more questions: What was the main usage? How many hours was it in daily operation? What’s the heaviest amount it has ever lifted? Even if you think a small problem can be solved with a quick fix, you may want to pass it up; there is a chance that the cost of repairs could be greater than you expected.

Pre-Owned Used Cushion Forklift Toyota


5. Know the History

Toyota established its first forklift dealership and sold its first forklift in the United States back in 1967, and over the years, Toyota has continued to evolve its lift truck product line. In 1990, Toyota started producing lift trucks in Columbus, Indiana, at Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM).

Here's a brief timeline, per Wikipedia.

Year Development
1956 Toyota's first lift truck model - the LA 1-ton lift truck - is unveiled in Japan.
1967 Toyota sells its first lift truck in the United States.
1990 Toyota begins lift truck production at Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing in Columbus, Indiana.
2000 Toyota becomes the first American lift truck manufacturer to offer AC powered technology.
2002 Toyota becomes the #1 selling lift truck company in America.
2008 Toyota becomes the sole American distributor of AICHI scissor lifts, wheeled and crawler boom lifts.
2010 Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing wins Top Plant in the U.S.


There are a total of 70 dealers and 220 Toyota lift truck dealership locations in the U.S.A. and Canada, offering new and used Toyota forklifts, Toyota Genuine Parts, Starlift all-make Parts, rentals, service, and training. Over the years, Toyota products have become famous for great durability and value retention.



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