An Introduction to TVH Forklift Parts

TVH forklift parts are known worldwide for their high quality and amazing selection. If you are looking for the best parts for your forklifts, you can get them from Wayco, an official distributor for TVH forklift parts. Contact Wayco today to place your order or, if you prefer, have Wayco service your forklifts for you.


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An Introduction to TVH Forklift Parts

1. Forklift Parts TVH Supplies

TVH has a database of 37,000,000 known references and 750,000 parts in stock. They cover parts for all lift truck brands so you can be sure that you will be able to get the part that you need. Click on the following links to take you to the appropriate category of parts.



forklift tires
TVH forklift tires come in a wide assortment of styles and materials - Image Source: TVH


Tires and Wheels

TVH has a wide selection of solid, pneumatic, and press-on forklift tires to choose from. You can select from:

  • basic tires which are good for daily medium-duty use
  • standard tires which have an extra layer to counteract heat build-up
  • premium tires which are perfect for heavy-duty use

We also carry many different kinds of wheels such as rollers, load wheels, drive wheels, and castors. You can choose from several different materials including:

  • polyurethane
  • nylon
  • steel
  • aluminum
  • rubber


forklift forks
If you require forklift forks, check our the TVH selection - Image Source: TVH



TVH offers quality forks for forklifts including their own label CAM System, cast-iron product range of forks that are manufactured in chromium-manganese steel, as well as other high mechanical strength forks made of steel and coated steel. The products that are manufactured on a rolled profile basis all have a refined finish. Types of forks they supply include:

  • FEM-forks
  • DIN-forks
  • PIN-forks
  • Blank forks
  • Mounted forks
  • Terminal West forks
  • SVGV-forks

printed forklift circuit boards
TVH's printed circuit boards are covered with a special coating to protect against moisture and dirt - Image Source: TVH

Printed Circuit Boards and Other Electronic Products

All of TVH's printed circuit boards are professionally repaired with an extensive range of tools and then rigorously tested. They are then covered with a conformal coating to protect them against moisture and dirt. In addition to our large selection of circuit boards, we also carry:

  • joysticks, accelerators, and directional switches
  • chargers
  • contactors


forklift starters
All of TVH's starters meet OEM-standards - Image Source: TVH


TVH offers you a wide range of starters as well as replacement units such as starter motor pinions and electromagnets. They all are made with the highest quality to OEM-standards. We can provide you with:

  • direct drive starters
  • reduction versions
  • planetary gear reduction
  • offset gear reduction

forklift seats
Order a custom forklift seat for added comfort - Image Source: TVH



TVH has a wide range of forklift seats that come right from the manufacturer with options that you can choose in order to personalize it for added comfort. Get the perfect dimensions for you as well as the type of upholstery you want such as PVC, fabric, or even velour. Other options you can order for extra comfort include:

  • mechanical and air suspension
  • head and armrests
  • height, backrest, and seat angle adjustments
  • heating
  • hip and shoulder restraint systems
  • turntables


forklift chains
TVH carries both roller and leaf chains - Image Source: TVH



TVH has a variety of branded forklift chains, both roller chains for the transmission and leaf chains for lifting. Most of their chains are of stainless steel and can be cut to the exact length required. They also carry a wide range of chain accessories, including:

  • chain anchors
  • chain pins
  • chain locks
  • chain sprays for optimal maintenance

forklift inspections

TVH also has a wide range of forklift accessories


TVH also carries a huge selection of forklift accessories including:

  • Technical sprays, oils & lubrication
  • Personal safety products
  • Column and rack protection
  • Mirrors & lights for forklifts
  • Fork extensions & cable reels
  • Camera systems & backup alarms

Pneumatic Forklift
Keep your forklift operating at its best with TVH parts from Wayco



2. TVH Company Overview

History: TVH Forklift Parts was established in 1989.

What TVH Does: TVH is the biggest supplier of forklift parts worldwide and they offer replacement parts and accessories for forklift trucks as well as warehouse equipment, pickers and scissor lifts, loading ramps, aerial platforms, hand pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, hydraulic jacks, lift cranes, hand trolleys, and platform trolleys.

Forklift Makes TVH Supplies: TVH has a contract for all makes distribution for the top forklift makers such as Komatsu, Toyota, Still and Raymond.

Location: TVH is based in Waregem, Belgium and has a Canadian distribution centre in British Columbia.


3. How Wayco Can Help You Get What You Need - TVH Forklift Parts

Wayco is a proud distributor of quality TVH parts. Wayco can supply you with all the parts that you need to keep your forklift equipment up and running. You can trust Wayco to help you get what you need because we offer:

High Quality TVH Forklift Parts: Wayco is proud to partner with the best suppliers of forklift parts, including TVH Forklift parts.

A Fully Stocked Parts Department: Our parts department is fully stocked with all the parts that you will need for any of your forklift brands. You can rely on us to be your inventory warehouse. We will even tailor our inventory to meet your particular needs.

Same Day Shipping: At Wayco we know that time is money and that you need your equipment to be serviced as quickly as possible. That is why we offer same day shipping within Canada for most items we stock.

Affordable Prices: Our customers appreciate out affordable prices. Our high-priority clients are also eligible for discounts on over-the-counter parts.

Excellent, Hassle Free Warranties: At Wayco we offer warranties from 30 days to 2 years that are truly hassle-free. The length of warranty depends on the type of part you are buying. TVH reconditioned parts also come with the same warranties as their new counterparts but at a lower price. We also have a comprehensive repair/exchange program for engine transmissions and other parts.


Wayco Also Sells Top Quality New and Used Forklifts

If you are looking for top quality forklifts, contact Wayco. We sell the best forklifts you can buy and our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose the perfect model that will best suit your particular applications. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and we can even provide top-notch safety training for your operators. Contact Wayco today for all of your forklift needs.


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