Top 5 Forklift Accident Videos (+Safety Inforgraphic!)

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A forklift accident can cause serious bodily harm or even death; learn from these mistakes and get proper training so this never happens to you! What factors contribute to a forklift accident? Take a look at these top 5 forklift accident videos and you will find out. There are countless horror stories about forklifts in the workplace. We’re going to check some of them in this post, explain what went wrong, and how proper safety policies and training could have prevented them. Train your employees and don’t let this happen to them.

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#1 - Ten Videos of Forklift Accidents that show Why Training is Important

Summary: This great 5 minute video counts down ten different forklift accidents that could have been prevented with proper training.  You may think this would never happen, but it does, as the video evidence proves. You will witness how quickly things can go wrong from forklift stunts, crashes, bottle breaking and collapsed shelves.

The Main Takeaway: The cost of proper training is minimal in comparison to what the costs could be in lost product and damaged equipment.

Video Maker: The Top 10 of Anything and Everything


#2 - Warehouse Fails

Summary: Accidents like the ones in the next video happen, but nobody thinks it’s serious until some guy has his fingers crushed or his foot run over and his heel crushed. Here we have a series of warehouse video footage that shows examples of poor driving skills as well as the improper use of forklift equipment. Some of the videos demonstrate extensive damage to product and others show individuals getting seriously injured.

The Main Takeaway: Some forklift accidents are a result of carelessness, but there is never a time when horseplay is appropriate. Some of these shenanigans at these warehouses look harmless, but they could hurt or kill someone. The dangers of workplace horseplay like speeding or stunt driving with a forklift can cause possibly injury to the driver or innocent pedestrians. Most accidents are caused by unsafe acts—and horseplay itself is an unsafe act.

Video Maker: YokoHammer91


#3 - Forklift Fails - Forklift Accidents Caught on Camera

Summary: There you have It! This video shows us that loading and unloading can be costly. We see examples of having too of heavy loads, using the wrong equipment, and a forklift falling off the edge of the pavement. Some of these warehouse forklift accidents are a recipe for eventual disaster. The scariest one is of an older man falling when unloading the truck. He launches 3 meters up in the air and does a face plant. A loading dock is a dangerous place for forklift operators

The Main Takeaway: Forklifts weigh several thousand pounds making it a dangerous vehicle. Those racks falling are no joke.  It takes one little break in concentration to have an accident. It is critical that loads are secured and carefully centered on the forks to ensure the weight is distributed properly so that balance is maintained when loading and unloading.

Video Maker: TNT Channel


#4 - Don’t Do This!

Summary: How can these forklift accidents happen? These top ten videos collections cover embarrassing mishaps from loading and offloading, colleagues who are determined to get the product unloaded even if it means toppling over, a driver who is unaware of a pedestrian, and everything in between. Lack of safety precautions could cost your business – and worst of all – your life. 

The Main Takeaway: Here are a few tips to prevent some of these accidents: you should make sure your load is secure, use proper equipment, look out for pedestrians, and take special care on loading docks. We could list more but our advice is, if it looks dangerous, then it probably is. Simple, safe practices, such as wearing correctly fitted seat belts, observing speed limits and warning signs; slowing down; and sounding the horn at an intersection can make a big difference. 

Video Maker: ForkliftBriefing


#5 - Forklift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse

Summary: The forklift accident in this next video looks just like an earthquake shook this warehouse. Luckily no one was seriously injured. One small forklift accident moment can cost tons of money and days of work cleaning it up.  The driver in the video hits the first shelf just hard enough to start a domino effect bringing down all the shelving in the entire warehouse.

The Main Takeaway: Was it the driver’s fault or were the shelves poorly constructed? We are not sure, but it is safe to say that all aspects of a warehouse safety should be checked from racking, to maintaining clear paths in aisles, not just enforcing forklift operator training.

Video Maker: JustaTest2010


Forklift Hazards - An Infographic

Learn about the most common forklift hazards so you can avoid these common mistakes!


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