Forklift Licence – What To Ask When Calling To Find A Good Trainer

Choosing your forklift trainer isn’t as hard or as inconvenient as it may sound. Choosing your forklift instructor is the first step to getting your forklift licence. Obviously you’ll want to choose an experienced forklift trainer is committed to quality, patient, enthusiastic, highly skilled, and values the lives of others.The job qualifications of a forklift trainer closely matches those of an athletic sports coach because forklift trainers really are coaches in an industrial setting, imparting knowledge and encouraging their trainees to be the best they can be. Any forklift training class worth taking should be conducted on a pass/fail basis. You don’t want trainers going through a program where everyone passes regardless of competency. Contact us to get started with your forklift certification today!

What to Ask When Calling To Find A Good Forklift Trainer For Your Forklift Licence

No matter what the nature of your business is, if forklifts are used in your daily operation, you need adequate training for your staff. A good forklift trainer will train them in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard in the safe operation of forklifts. Proper training will help prevent  industrial accidents that may cause serious injury or death. It is mandatory for every company to comply with the present legislation. It is the job of the forklift trainer to make sure forklift operators are competent and knowledgeable enough, because if an operator is not adequately trained to handle and drive forklifts, they can cause more harm than good to your business. To help you find a good forklift trainer, here are some questions you need to ask them when calling.


Are you a qualified Forklift Trainer?

A qualified trainer would be a person who:

  • Has a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing

  • By knowledge, training and experience, has demonstrated the ability to train and evaluate powered industrial truck operators.

  • Is professional 

  • Has the right levels of experience from forklift trainers in order to produce safe and operational forklift operators. 

  • Is certified to operate a powered industrial truck according to OSHA standards and that the trainer

  • Has had their performance evaluated according to the provisions of 1910.178(l)(3) every three years. It is always important to ask for proof of their forklift trainer certification to determine whether or not  they have the proper qualifications.

What type of person makes a good trainer? This is something you need to put a lot of thought into, since it will make or break your forklift safety program. 

  • Person who desires to be a forklift trainer and expresses interest in the position.

  • Person with good verbal communication skills.

  • Person with a good safety record and who is not brand new to your company.

  • Person who already has basic forklift operational skills.

  • Person who is not afraid to confront those who are not following the rules for safe operation.

  • Person with good organizational and people management skills.

  • Person with basic computer skills, who can use PowerPoint and communicate via email.

  • Person who has successfully coached a team in their past; training is a lot like coaching.

What training classifications do you provide?

There are many types of forklifts used in different industries. When choosing a forklift training course you need to be equipment specific to your needs. Pick a forklift trainer that offers a variety of training in numerous forklift types as well as safety courses such aspedestrian awarenessfall arrestpropane cylinder exchangeWHMIS, lockout / tagoutbattery and train the trainer. Just in case you enjoy teaching, maybe train the trainer could be for you. If you are looking for a new career skill, talk to the trainer to find out what the most common forklift is. 

Do you have a flexible forklift driving school schedule? 

A qualified forklift trainer can work with you and customize a schedule to suit the individuals or groups in your workplace and to fit with your ideal time frame. This will allow your company greater flexibility to choose training either at your site or at our forklift training center to help accommodate shift work applications. A good forklift trainer will custom-tailor their training to fit your business’ specific needs. Wayco has flexible schedules and excellent rates.  Our instructors are certified, very efficient, and helpful. Our affordable and flexible forklift training course offers a great way for everyone from novice forklift operators to experienced operators to learn how to drive a forklift, obtain refresher training, update their forklift training credentials, and much more. Check out the training calendar for scheduled dates. If these dates are not suitable, contact the trainer for a customized date.

What will I learn in your class?


Trainers need to be more than DVD inserters. Simply showing up and getting a piece of paper that says they attended is not acceptable by the trainer nor the OSHA. A trainee should improve their knowledge, learn with passion, identify and fix workplace hazards and remind themselves they should want to help others work safe. The training must be a combination of formal – such as lecture and video – and practical – such as demonstration and practical exercises – and include an evaluation of operator performance in the workplace.A good quality school will educate trainees in numerous topics about forklift safety, equipment operation, related OSHA regulations, workplace-specific subjects and in applicable law regulations. In addition to these, the school should provide an intensive course to address forklift maintenance and inspection that includes refueling, recharging, and basic troubleshooting. 

By the end of this forklift training, participants should be able to:

  • Explain operator competency

  • Discuss workplace hazards

  • Explain stability principles

  • Explain how to conduct pre-operational checks

  • Explain safe operating principles

  • Explain fuel source hazards

What is the duration of the course?

Effective forklift training will depend on the complexity and comprehensiveness of the trainingThe standard training course, usually lasts for 4-6 hours; this is the time required in order to absorb many facts and information as possible. It is not advisable to enroll in a course that promises you to become certified in just few hours of training.The more complex the forklift the longer your course will take. For example, a rough terrain will take more time than a counter balance forklift. 


Do you offer placement?

Are you wondering how to get a forklift job? Employers look for job applicants who have completed OSHA compliant forklift training. Most forklift trainers do not offer job placement, but some training facilities are affiliated with companies that do hire forklift operators. 

If you are looking to start a new career, you can look for employment on the Wayco website in the jobs tab for placement agencies or companies looking to hire. Our employment assistance program to assist in quick job placement is just one of the things that makes it safe to say that WAYCO training is the first choice for forklift training and certification. Wherever you want to work, the pay is good, there are plenty of forklift jobs to go around and some of the main types of organizations that have forklift certified jobs to offer include manufacturing, construction, airports, and haulage depots.

What do I require for class?

Workers must wear appropriate work clothing which includes visibility jackets, hard hats, hard soled shoes, and they need to avoid loose clothing. Many providers don’t tell you what materials are available or what they cost until you attend their class and then it is too late. They undercharge for the training so they can overcharge for the videos and materials once they have you on the hook.


Wayco’s  training course requires you to wear proper clothing, work boots and bring the ministry required photocopy of ID. There are no extra costs for materials used but we do require proof of identification when you arrive to our class. It is also important to meet the ministry requirements for proper record keeping, photocopy of ID, copy of test and practical evaluation signed by the trainer are kept on file for 3 years. 

Do I receive updated notifications?

Wayco will handle updates and notifications for you. Three years after you receive your forklift certification, you are required to renew your expired forklift licence. You will receive notification one month prior to your expire date via email, mail or a phone call.  We will also update you on any new forklift information or updates regarding forklift training laws. The expiry date is printed on the bottom right corner of your licence card. You should update your contact details if it changes. OSHA inspectors conduct surprise inspections at work sites; you do not know when they will knock on your door. Always be ready. You do not want to get penalized andfined for thousands of dollars for every operator found not certified. Get all your operators trained and certified.OSHA is stricter and will always be protective of the welfare of workers and implementation of their rules and regulations, so keeping your certification renewed is important!

You’ve worked hard to attain your goal. Training is just a small investment, but it could make a very big impact on your career. Always keep in mind that quality training is worth the cost. Remember forklift training reduces the risk of injury or even death. I am ending this article by wishing you good luck on your career!