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If your company does dock work, delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing,an electric pallet jack is designed to suit light to medium duty load handling and warehousing applications and it has a smaller price tag when compared to a sit-down forklift. If you are looking to purchase an electric pallet jack, contact us today; we deliver in design, customer service and value with every model we see and you will find that they are built for years of trouble free service.

To discuss your pallet jack options:

Electric Pallet Jacks

Are a type of equipment used for low-level lifting and moving pallets; they are also called electric pallet trucks.The forks  on an electric pallet jack are separated vertically from the front wheels as the hydraulic jack is raised. Power pallet jacks are also known as electric walk behind pallet trucks. The single or double pallet jacks are used to help lift, move, and stack loads that are too heavy to lift manually and transfer from one location to another location.


An Electric Pallet Jack is smaller than a reach truck. It is commonly used in warehouses to make pulling product through the warehouse more efficient, convenient and with lower maintenance costs. It is ideal for production lines or any industrial material handling applications and is able to suit every intensive or light operation, performance and driver comfort. It is electric powered making it friendlier to the environment and ideal for warehouse applications. 

The following video shows Starke electric pallet jacks PT30-45MXA offers everything you could want in a light to medium duty electric pallet jack.

You’ll want to choose the pallet stacker lift that fits in best with your routine and warehouse set-up. When deciding this, the most important questions you have to ask yourself are how much weight will you be lifting and how high? Typically the maximum lift height is 12’ or lower and the maximum weight it can handle is up to 3500 lbs. If you require more lift height or weight than this, you should consider purchasing a forklift instead.

No more Pumping, Pushing or Pulling! Discover our full range of Starke electric pallet Jack Trucks.

How To Get An Electric Pallet Jack?

In case you are looking for a electric pallet jack for your warehouse or loading dock, Wayco Multi-Lift is the right dealer to fulfill your requirements. We carry a wide variety of electric pallet jacks. We will help you find the right one! We carry a wide range of Starke electric pallets with many options, allowing you to do more in less time with increased productivity.

When choosing a pallet truck you should consider the different power sources available. The best option, however, would be the electric powered pallet jacks as these give you sufficient power for most operations; and they are also safe to use.


Buying the electric power pallet jack means you will be getting:

  • Quality equipment that doesn’t slow down productivity

  • Optimal balance between performance, durability and cost to provide superior value

  • A highly maneuverable way to pull material through your warehouse

  • A piece of equipment designed for optimized visibility, maximum performance, and ease of service

Stärke means strength and that perfectly describes how they perform in design, customer service, and value. It describes their commitment to worker safety and to their products themselves. You will see for yourself once you purchase a piece of Starke equipment. 

What Industries Use Them the Most?

If your company’s processes involve running a warehouse based business or any kind of storage facility, then you probably own or need to own an electric pallet jack or two.  Electric pallet trucks are one of the most versatile material moving equipment in the industryBigger facilities have both the manual and electric models, mainly used for less-strenuous tasks that do not require the use of a forklift truck. Because of an electric pallet jack’s size and easy maneuverability it allows warehouse workers to transport loads quickly from one place to another. They are Ideal for small businesses such as retail stores, wholesale delivery and food processing applications.  Electric pallet jacks are often used to transport small pallets of products to delivery trucks; from storage facilities; or from warehouses to main retail floors. Small business owners and employees also use them to transport boxes, displays, filing cabinets and furniture; making electric pallet jacks extremely versatile. They are designed to be used on small delivery trucks. Their self propelled movement adds an ease of transport as well as navigation in tight and congested areas. The electric pallet truck is a handy, multi-use solution for nearly any application.

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Pallet Jack?


One of the main benefits of an electric pallet jack is their ability to cover huge distances in a short period of time at greater speeds than a manual pallet jack. When you need to haul product across the warehouse, motorization allows the operator to ride on the jack while transporting loads quickly. Employee productivity is also increased because the electric pallet truck. Other benefits include:

  • Safety – Operating a manual pallet jack does not have to be a risky procedure with proper training, anyone, no matter their physical strength or agility, can operate electric pallet jacks. However, the supportive power of an electric pallet jack can reduce strain and make operating it easier overall, which in turn helps make it a safe option for materials handling. An unobstructed view for operators gives good visibility to see what’s in front of you which significantly reduces accidents.

  • Efficiency – An electric pallet jack has the ability to cover huge distances in a short period of time at greater speeds than a manual pallet jack. When you need to haul product across the warehouse, motorization allows the operator to ride on the jack while transporting loads quickly. Electric pallet jacks can get the job done in a shorter amount of time, which in turn can lower your warehouse’s overall operating costs.

  • Eco-friendliness –  Environmentally-friendly trucks have become a popular trend. As green technology is integrated more and more into industrial and material handling enterprises, new methods of developing environmentally friendly goods and products have come to the forefront. The same is true with electric pallet trucks. Unlike certain types of fuel, electric power is a clean energy source that doesn’t produce harmful fumes and runs more quietly. That means the operator is able to ride effectively through the warehouse.

Starke prides itself on collaborating with world leaders in automotive technology to establish and offer a dynamic line of eco-friendly forklifts and material handling appliances. STARKE forklifts offer the most current machines built on economic and ecologic technologies. Their features include energy saving and reduce component wear as compared to other competing vendors. STARKE is committed and dedicated to improving forklift solutions and reducing energy consumption. In addition, Starke offers EPA approved LPG and Diesel engines manufactured by proven companies.

How To Operate Them 

If your warehouse staff aren’t well versed in how to operate manual and electric pallet jacks safely, it could ultimately end up costing you—in more ways than one! You are likely to damage the property or cause injury to yourself or others, if you don’t follow the operation instructions and get proper pallet jack certification. Follow the steps below to ensure that you’re using an electric pallet jack safely to move pallets and loads across your warehouse or plant floor.

  1. After charging unplug the electric power pallet truck from its charger.

  2. Using the release handle lower the forks to the ground.

  3. Using the control handle maneuver the pallet jack (refer to the owner manual) by pushing the forward button to move forward or go backwards; press reverse.

  4. Line up the forks of the electric pallet truck with the pallet.

  5. In forward position move forward to slide forks into the pallet opening.

  6. Using the controls, lift the load off the ground.

  7. In the forward position use the handle to accelerate and direct the pallet jack to the location where you want to unload.

  8. Arriving to the spot where you want to unload, come to a complete stop before lowering the forks.

  9. Lower the forks to the ground all the way.

  10. Again using the control handle in the backward position remove the forks from the opening.

Now, you’re ready to pick up the next load! Once you know the proper steps, operating an electric or manual pallet jack is so easy a child could do it! Remember operator training and certification is still required to operate an electric pallet jack. There are many different types of pallet jacks and you must be familiar with all controls and understand the proper use of attachments.

When you are finished with the electric pallet jack, maneuver it back to the charging station and plug it in so that it is powered and ready for the next use.

What Training is Required


Electric power pallet jacks, also known as a low lift walkie, walkie-rider, or a high lift walkie stacker, may look simple in appearance – no cab, no mast, just a simple tiller arm, but they can be dangerous because the machine can cause injuries or damage property. Therefore, you still require a training certification to prevent accidents. Keep your employees, trucks, and work spaces safe with electric pallet truck training with Wayco. Our course is designed to provide pallet truck operators with the knowledge required to competently and safely operate the equipment.

The greatest part of our training is the way it shows you the danger of what could happen if it is not used properly. Our training also includes:

  • Health & Safety Standards

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Proper Procedures for Safe Operation

  • Proper load handling

The key to training is reducing pallet truck risk. Each year, hundreds of workers suffer severe crush injuries to their feet and toes as a result of pallet truck accidents, the majority of which are preventable. Therefore it’s vital that you and your staff understand your responsibilities and limit the risk wherever possible.

This course provides in-depth training for operators of powered walkies and pallet jacks commonly used in industrial, manufacturing and construction applications. Training includes Section 25(2)(a),(d) and (h) and Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act which provides the requirements for training and certification of powered lift truck operators. Training meets the CSA Standard B335-15. Pallet jack safety certification consists of classroom theory, a written test and practical hands-on experience.

Exceptional quality and service. Left the training class with more than I expected. Looking forward to being a repeat customer.
— Kevin Brown