The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Pre-Owned Forklift


Purchasing a pre-owned forklift may give you more bang for your buck than purchasing a new one. Most experts agree that you are better off buying a used forklift if you are going to be using it for less than four hours a day. There are other situations when a pre-owned forklift is a wise investment - read on to find out why.

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Advantages of a Pre-Owned Forklift

Savings - You Can Often Pay half the Price for a Pre-Owned Forklift

Purchasing a brand new forklift is a large investment. If your funds are limited, then going with a pre-owned forklift may be the best option for you. Often, you can find a quality used vehicle for about half the price of a new one.

Your Buying Power Increases When Purchasing Used

If you have a limited amount of money that you can spend on a forklift, then you may be limited in your choices if you purchase new. You may have to settle for a forklift that is of a lower quality than you would like. The same amount of money could get you a pre-owned forklift that is actually better in terms of performance and quality .


By purchasing used, your money will go further, so
you may get a better quality forklift


You Can Choose a Forklift that Your Operators Are Familiar with

Newer models of forklifts often come with a new design and different features. While this is usually a good thing, the unfamiliar design may mean that you have to spend extra time and money to train your operators on the new equipment.

Change doesn't come easy to many people, and your operators may not welcome the idea of re-training. Purchasing a pre-owned model that they are already familiar with means that they will be comfortable with your choice and can get to work right away.

You Will Probably Find It Easier to Get Parts for a Pre-Owned Forklift

Because they have been around longer, you will probably find it easier to find parts for used forklifts. Newer models may be too new to have a good supply of parts available. Having said that, because a new forklift is new, it shouldn't need parts right away.


You may find it easier to get parts for a pre-owned forklift


Disadvantage of a Pre-Owned Forklift

You May Get a Limited Warranty or No Warranty at All

In general, a new forklift will come with a longer and more comprehensive warranty than a pre-owned one. However, if you work with a reputable dealer, you will find certified pre-owned forklifts that are backed by exceptional warranties to help ease any worries you might have. Find a dealer you can trust; one that carefully inspects and certifies all of the pre-owned forklifts that they sell.

A Pre-Owned Forklift Will Show Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

Just like buying a used car, a used forklift is not going to look perfect. It will have visible signs of wear and tear. It is a good idea to ask for a detailed report of any maintenance issues that the vehicle has had before you decide to purchase it.

Find out how long the forklift has been in use and how many hours per day it was used. A lift truck that is 4 years old and has been used less than 4 hours a day is going to have more life left in it than one of the same age but was used 8 hours a day.


A pre-owned forklift will show signs of wear and tear


A Pre-Owned Forklift May Not Have the Ergonomic Features You Need

Forklift technology is always improving, especially in the area of ergonomics. An older, used model may not come with the type of features that will keep your workers comfortable and healthy during their long shifts.

A Pre-Owned Forklift May Not Come with the Same Financing Options as New Ones

You may find it difficult to get the same financing options when you purchase a used forklift as you do with a new one, especially if you are doing a private sale. Some reputable forklift dealers will, however, offer financing for both new and used purchases. Find one that will take your old model as a trade in to save even more.

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