Forklift Safety Products For Safe Handling

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Forklift Safety Products For Safe Handling

Spotter Lights

Collisions between workers and machines can be catastrophic. Pedestrians in facilities with forklifts are in danger, especially when using hearing protection, distracted by mobile device use, or in poorly lit areas.

Here’s what you need to add to forklifts when it comes to spotter lights:

  • Front: Creates a safer environment by emitting a bright, white light in front of the forklift. 

  • Rear: Projects a bright blue beam of light onto the floor behind the forklift, alerting pedestrians of the approaching vehicle well in advance. Especially useful at blind intersections and rack aisles.

  • Side: Emits a red beam onto the floor on either side of the forklift. The red glow is a visual indicator of the safe distance pedestrians should keep between themselves and the forklift.

  • Arrow: Projects a large, bright blue or red arrow on the ground, 10 to 20 feet away in front of or behind your forklift. Alerts pedestrians that there is a forklift operating nearby and shows the pedestrian in which direction the lift truck is moving. 


Help others know where you are by adding lights to your forklift.



Forklift operators need to know what is going on all around them at all times. Mirrors give a high range of visibility, allowing the operator to perform a quick safety check before travelling.

Options include:

  • Magnetic Dome Mirror or Tape Dome Mirror: Offers a 180° view and can be installed in seconds with double-sided tape or a magnetic arm.

  • Side Magnetic Mirror: Provides a side-view of the operator’s surroundings for safety and can mount anywhere in the operator’s compartment in seconds using the magnetic arm attachment.

  • Wide Magnetic Mirror: Gives the driver a wide angle view of the operator’s surroundings for safety and is ideal for travelling in reverse. Can mount on the overhead guard in seconds using the magnetic arm attachment.

Get a better view of your surroundings with forklift mirrors.


Checklists and Logs

Forklift safety involves constant checks and reminders. This is where these next two products prove to be invaluable.

First, there’s the Lift Truck Log, a daily forklift checklist system for operators. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety reminds us that all forklifts must be inspected before the beginning of each shift. The lift truck log provides 624 daily forklift checklists (over two years) in one complete kit.

Another feature is the forklift repair request form that can be filled out to alert management of any issues that need attention. All information is stored in the log to keep a history of the mechanical condition of the truck.

In the event that the forklift does not pass inspection, the lift truck log contains a lock-out tag to tag-out the equipment for safety.

The lift truck log comes in a highly durable and visible storage case that can be easily mounted anywhere on the forklift with double sided tape. Four different forklift safety checklists are available: propane counterbalance, electric counterbalance, electric pallet truck, and reach truck inspection forms.

On a smaller scale, a Checklist Caddy comes with a pad with 75 inspection carbon copy sheets and a pen attached with wire. They’re self-contained in a 4 1/2” x 7” polyethylene envelope with double sided tape for easy mounting. 624 events can be recorded per log.


Stay on top of the condition of your forklifts with daily checklists and logs.


Why Your Company Needs Forklift Safety Products

Forklift safety products must be present in every workplace that uses lifting devices. The ones listed above are particularly helpful to prevent collisions.

IRONguard forklift safety products are known for keeping you and your employees safe. All of their parts and equipment have been developed and manufactured with the highest standards of safety and protection. Wayco is a proud distributor of IRONguard forklift safety products. 

Contact Wayco today for all of your safety parts and equipment needs.


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