What Are Forklift Safety Lights?

Forklift safety lights can greatly decrease the the number of forklift-related deaths and injuries. Contact Wayco to have forklift safety lights installed on all of your lift trucks today!


How Forklift Safety Lights Work

Forklift safety lights project an intense blue or red beam of light onto the floor in front, behind, or to the side of your forklift's path.

This spot of light will effectively warn any pedestrians of your approaching forklift and which direction it is coming from. When a pedestrian sees the light, they can can safely stop before the forklift hits them.


Forklift safety lights can effectively warn pedestrians of your approaching forklift - Images Source: Ideal Warehouse


Even if the pedestrian is distracted looking down at a clipboard or cellphone, the intensity of the light will be enough to catch their attention and give them plenty of time to get out of the way.

Not only do forklift safety lights, also known as a blue warning forklift light, warn pedestrians of nearby forklifts, but they can also warn you about another forklift close to you.

When you see the light, you can tell which direction another driver is coming from, helping you to avoid a collision. this is especially helpful when you are working in tight spaces and around corners where visibility is limited.


The majority of forklift injuries and fatalities occur when a forklift hits a pedestrian


Why Forklift Safety Lights Are Important for Protecting Your Employees

Pedestrian Safety

The OSHA estimates that there are an average of 101 deaths and 97,570 forklift-related injuries each year, with the number one cause of death coming from a pedestrian being hit by a fork truck.

Forklift safety lights can effectively warn pedestrians of approaching forklifts. Lights can be more effective than warning sounds, especially if you are wearing protective headphones.

As well, lights can more accurately indicate the precise location and direction of the oncoming forklift than a warning alarm, as sounds can be misleading as to where they are coming from.

Collision Prevention

Forklift safety lights can also help cut down the number of collisions between your lifting devices. The lights can give other operators an accurate guide by indicating a safe working perimeter with other vehicles.


Forklift safety lights can help prevent collisions with distracted pedestrians


Different Forklift Safety Lights from Wayco

Front and Rear Blue LED Spotter Lights

Image Source :  Ideal Warehouse

Image Source: Ideal Warehouse

The blue LED Spotter lights can be installed on the front and/or back or your forklifts. A forklift spotter light will project a bright blue beam of light 10 to 20 feet onto the floor in front of or behind your forklift.

This eye-catching beam will alert both pedestrians and other fork trucks that you are coming, and that they need to stop or move out of the way. Both the intensity, colour, and movement of the light will easily alert everyone in your vicinity what direction you are going in. This is especially helpful in the blind spots and intersections of your facility.

Many forklift accidents occur while you are backing up. This is particularly true because of your reduced visibility when you are going backwards, so it is helpful to install a rear blue spotter light.

safety zone.png

A white light in the front, red on the side, and blue in the rear will give you a complete safety light perimeter


Front Spotter Lights

You can also choose to install a bright white spotter light in the front of your forklifts. The bright white light is especially effective for use in darker areas of your warehouse because not only will it let others know that your forklift is nearby, but it will also help you better see where you are going.

Side Spotter Lights

A forklift side spotter light will shine an intense red beam onto the floor 10 to 20 feet to the side of your forklift.

The red glow will indicate to pedestrians and other lifting device operators the safe distance that they need to keep between themselves and your forklift.

If pedestrians and other lifts remain outside of this perimeter, they will be safe from collisions or possible foot injuries.


Safety lights indicate a safe perimeter around your forklift


Vehicles that Could Benefit from Forklift Safety Lights

All types of lifting equipment in your warehouse could benefit from forklift safety lights. It is helpful to install them on:

  • Rider forklifts

  • Order pickers

  • Pallet jacks

  • Stand-up reach trucks

  • Tow tractors


How to Get Your Forklift Safety Lights

Wayco is your local dealer for Ironguard forklift safety lights. We sell and install safety lights on all of your lifting devices.

Our blue forklift safety light is manufactured from die-cast aluminum and delivers multi-voltage functionality, ranging from 12 to 96 volts.

These highly durable lights are manufactured with CREE LED lights for the utmost in light projection. Contact us today to order yours and set up an installation appointment.


All of your fork trucks could benefit from safety lights


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