Forklift Repairs - How Long Should They Take?

Are forklift repairs costing you too much time? Some simpler repairs can be completed in a few hours, while others can take a few days or even weeks to finish depending on the company that you choose to do the repair. Book your forklift service now.


Forklift Repairs - How Long Should They Take?

The time for each repair will vary depending on the extent of the damage, the complexity of the job, and the availability of the parts needed.

Common forklift repairs include fixing your brakes, repairing damage to your forklift chains, and fixing battery problems such as not holding a charge.

Read on to learn how long forklift repairs should take and how to reduce your wait time.


How to Lower the Time It Takes for Forklift Repairs

If you are in the material handling business or any other business that relies on forklifts, you will understand how costly downtime is! You don't have the time to wait for lengthy repairs to be completed. The following are some tips to help you reduce the time it takes for forklift repairs.

forklift maintenance.jpg

Regular maintenance costs less than full scale forklift repairs


To Speed Up Your Forklift Repairs, Keep Your Equipment Well Maintained

You've probably heard it said that ‘the best offence is a good defence.’ Well, this is true for forklift repairs as well. A well-maintained forklift is going to spend less time being repaired than one that has been neglected.

Keeping your forklift equipment well maintained will not only save you time on repairs, but will also save you money. On average, it is about 4 times more expensive to repair a forklift than to keep one properly maintained in the first place.


Regular maintenance is much more affordable than big costly repairs.

Take, for example, your forklift brakes. If you have your brakes serviced regularly, you can avoid costly repairs or replacements. About every 250 hours you should have the brake dust blown out.

The drums should be inspected every 2,000 hours, and the brake shoes should be replaced every 5,000 - 7,000 hours.

If you don't, dust and debris can get caught inside, creating ridges on the brake shoes. If you don't get them serviced, the ridges will be transferred to the brake drums.

If you have to replace your brake drums, it could cost you about $1,650 for two new drums. This repair could've been easily avoided with regular maintenance.

For safety reasons, regular maintenance on your forklift brakes should be done by a trained professional.


Regular maintenance can save you from costly repairs


Set Up a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Some forklift repair companies will also set up a regular maintenance schedule for you and remind you when maintenance is due. This can be another great time saver, as you don't have to worry about keeping track of the maintenance schedule for each one of your machines; they will do it for you.


Choose a Company with a Fully Stocked Parts Department

The company you choose to do the repair will affect the time it takes to get done. A company that has its own fully stocked parts department with parts for all forklift brands is going to be able to do your repairs much faster than one that has to order the parts that they need for your repair.

You should also find out if they partner with the top parts suppliers and if they offer same day shipping within Canada for special parts that may not be in stock.


A service company that has a fully stocked parts department can finish your repairs faster


Choose a Company that Is Open When You Need Them

If your forklift breaks down on a weekend and you are on a deadline, you can't afford to wait for Monday morning to get it repaired.

Find a forklift service department, like Wayco, that is open when you need them to be, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some companies can even have their service tech at your location within 2 - 3 hours. Some guarantee same day service.


Choose a Company that Offers Replacement Rentals

If you really can't afford any downtime due to unexpected forklift repairs, look for a forklift service department that offers rental forklifts for you to use while yours is being repaired. Some reliable companies will even offer you reduced rental rates while your forklift equipment is being serviced.


Renting replacement equipment while yours is being repaired can help you limit downtime


It Pays to Become a Regular Customer with a Service Department You Trust

The most reliable forklift service companies, like Wayco, will even tailor their inventory of parts to their regular clients. They will even offer discounts on over-the-counter parts to their regulars.


Choose a Service and Parts Department with Great Warranties

If you want peace of mind when it comes to your forklift repairs, go with a company that offers you hassle-free warranties. Look for 30 day - 2 year warranties on your forklift parts, as well as a comprehensive repair and exchange programs for engine transmissions and other parts.


Can You Save Time by Doing Repairs Yourself?

Most forklift repairs are best done by professional technicians because they are highly specialized, and many of the parts require computer programming.

Doing a repair incorrectly could end up costing you much more downtime and money than it would have if you simply take it to an expert.

However, you can usually do simple tasks such as topping up your various fluids and changing your filters yourself. The following video shows how to change the oil and filters on a basic diesel engine forklift.


you can perform Some basic forklift repairs such as changing oil and filters


Wayco: Forklift Repairs and Service You Can Trust

You can trust Wayco with all your forklift equipment repairs. Wayco can also help make sure that your forklifts are well maintained.

We can track and pre-schedule all maintenance work for you so that your equipment is properly serviced in a timely manner. This will help you avoid expensive downtime and you won't have to remember to schedule or book your service work. We'll do it for you!

Wayco also has an incredibly fast response time so you won't have to wait to get your lift trucks back in operation. We can usually have our service tech at your location within 2 to 3 hours and we also guarantee same day.


Wayco Offers Top Quality Service on All Forklift
Makes and Models

If you are looking for top quality forklift maintenance and service, contact Wayco. Our fully equipped service and parts department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our qualified technicians are capable of properly performing maintenance services and inspections of all types.

Our knowledgeable staff can keep your equipment in top working condition which means lower repair costs and higher machine efficiency. Contact Wayco today for all of your forklift maintenance and repair needs.

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