Elevated Work Platform Training 


Any new or experienced person operating a type of aerial lift  is required to have proper safety training whether you are new or existing operator. This training will provide the participant with knowledge for safe operation of an aerial genie boom and scissor lift and to correctly operate power elevated work platforms.

Aerial lifting devices are typically used throughout construction, industrial, and warehousing sectors. However, the versatility and safety factors incorporated into these devices allow them to be utilized in almost any environment.

Aerial work platforms are becoming more popular as they offer a safer way to work at heights. Operating these devices safely requires knowledge, skill, and serious commitment to safety.


  • Aerial boomlift basics

  • Rules and regulations

  • Types

  • Main parts and their functions

  • Safety systems

  • Pre-use inspection

  • Safe operating procedures

  • Limitations, hazards and controls

Elevating Work Platforms training provides basic information on elevating work platforms. After the training the employer must provide oral, written, and hands-on instruction in the specific machine the worker will operate and the specific hazards the worker could encounter.