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Bishamon Ergonomic Equipment

Bishamon Forklifts have been leading the way in forklift innovation for almost 30 years. They have developed high quality ergonomic products that will enhance worker safety and productivity.

All Bishamon ergonomic equipment are designed for performance and durability with lifetime, maintenance free, composite bushings throughout. Wayco is proud to partner with Bishamon to offer you the best in ergonomic equipment, including cutting edge lift tables, pallet handling, mobile handling, and skid lifts.


Lift Tables

A lift table is a platform deck that uses a scissor mechanism to lift or lower goods. They can raise and place large, heavy loads a fairly small distance. Their scissor lift mechanism can be adjusted lower for placing items on a truck or raised to move and store items in a hard-to-reach location.


Types of Bishamon Lift Tables


Pallet Handling

There are different types of pallet handling equipment including pallet trucks and pallet positioners. Pallet trucks are used to move and lift pallets, while pallet positioners help you to handle, lift, and rotate pallets more effectively and ergonomically.


Types of Bishamon Pallet Handling Equipment


Mobile Handling

Bishamon offers a variety of mobile handling equipment including lift tables, pallet truck,and skid lifts that are designed with heavy-duty wheels that make them easy to move wherever you need them. All of the mobile handling devices are ergonomic equipment that has been specially developed for greater worker comfort and safety.


Types of Bishamon Mobile Handling

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Skid Lifts

Skid lifts are used to raise the top of your loads to a convenient working height for easier and safer access for your workers to move, load, and unload the skids. Skid lifts effectively reduce injuries by lifting, rotating, and positioning loads so that your workers will not have to do excessive bending, reaching, or stretching.


Types of Bishamon Skid Lifts


Allied Caster & Equipment Co. Ergonomic Equipment

Wayco also sells top quality ergonomic equipment from Allied Caster & Equipment Co. Since 1989, Allied Caster has been supplying superior quality casters and material handling ergonomic equipment.

Allied Caster's lift tables and pallet jacks can help you increase productivity and reduce the strain on your workers by eliminating excessive lifting, bending and stretching.

Their ergonomic equipment will do that heavy lifting for your workers, saving them from experiencing harmful fatigue and injuries, which can too often occur in industrial environments.


Lift Tables

Allied Caster has a wide range of lift tables to suit almost any type of lifting situation. They are available in lifting weight capacities from 1,000 lbs to 8,000 lbs and travel heights (the amount of vertical lift from the table's resting position to its highest position) between 24" and 60" that you can choose from depending on your particular requirements. They are available in both electric and manually operated options.


Types of Allied Caster Lift Tables

allied lift tables.png

Contact Wayco today for a full listing of Allied Caster lift tables and to discuss which model would best suit your needs and budget.


Pallet Jacks

All of Allied Caster's pallet jacks are extremely well made and come with a craftsmanship one year warranty on the pump. Their pallet jacks can be made of stainless steel and are available with an extra low profile for harder to reach pallets. They are available in weight capacities of 4,000 lbs to 5,500 lbs. and a wide range of fork sizes from 27"W X 48" L to 45" W X 48" L.


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