Fall Arrest Training



Wayco provides adequate fall arrest training. Any person working at elevations is required by provincial law to be trained in fall protection safety. Fall arrest training:

  • Helps eliminate the risk

  • Guards the hazard

  • Protects the worker

The Fall Arrest Training Course will provide participants with an understanding of their responsibilities when working in areas where fall hazards exist, the use of and inspection of the required equipment and the critical controls necessary to reduce the risk of a fall.



  • Basic safety training for working at elevations

  • Applicable safety legislations and standards

  • When fall protection is required

  • Personal fall arrest system

  • Safety net installation

  • Components of a Safety Walkaround checklist

  • How to perform a hazard assessment

  • Rescue and escape planning

  • Fall protection systems

  • How and why falls can happen

  • Pre-use inspection of safety equipment

  • Different types of anchors

  • How to inspect and adjust a harness

  • How to use fall protection equipment