Forklift Certification in Ontario – Stay Up To Date! 

Forklift certification in Ontario is a legal requirement for anyone operating a forklift. In order to receive your forklift certification, you need to take proper forklift training. This training will help you and your fellow workers to stay safe and to work more efficiently. Contact Wayco today to book your forklift safety training session and to receive your certification today.


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Forklift Certification in Ontario - Stay Up To Date!



Who Needs Forklift Training

If you are going to be operating any class of forklift, you will need proper training before you begin. Forklift training is necessary for:

  • workers who have never operated a forklift before
  • workers that have operated a forklift at a previous place of employment; they need to be properly trained on the equipment used at their current place of employment
  • when new forklift equipment is purchased workers need to be trained on this new type of equipment even though they have been working with the old equipment.

Taking a course such as the New Operator Forklift Training Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you require to safely operate a lifting device and to meet the qualifications set out by the government to receive your forklift certification in Ontario.


Forklift Certification in Ontario - What Is It?

Forklift certification in Ontario is a requirement if you are going to be operating any forklift device. Unlike driving other motorized vehicles, there isn't an actual forklift license, but the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, OHSA, requires that forklift operators be deemed "competent" to operate their machinery. In order to be deemed "competent," you must prove that you have received the proper training which will result in a forklift certification. This certification and training program must meet government standards. Your employer is responsible to make sure that all of their employees are fully certified before they begin operating their forklift.


different types of forklifts

You need to be trained on the particular class of forklift that you will be operating



Forklift Classifications

There are 7 different classes of lifting devices. The training that you take needs to pertain to the particular class of forklift that you will be operating. If you switch to and begin working with another class of forklift than what you were originally trained on, then you need to take training for that class. Here is a list of the different classes of forklift:


To learn more about these different classes, read our post entitled "Forklift License Ontario - Ultimate Guide 2019."

What It Involves

Taking a Course that is in Line with CSA Standards: You should take a forklift training course that meets or exceeds the standards outlined by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The CSA outlines the required safety standards for lift trucks in its third edition CSA B335. The purpose of this standard is to promote forklift safety and lower the risk of injuries to workers. It is a good idea, therefore, to make sure the training course that you choose meets or exceeds these requirements.



Forklift training certificate

Make sure you receive written proof that you have successfully completed your forklift training


Receiving Written Proof of Completion: You should also make sure that the course that you are taking will give you written proof that you have successfully completed the course. This usually takes the form of a certificate.

In-House or Off-Site Training: If you are working at a location that has forklifts, you may take your training at your actual workplace. If your company doesn't provide training in-house, they may hire a training company to come to their facility to carry out the training. Alternatively, they may send you to the training facility's location to complete your training.

According to the OHSA, forklift training should be made up of both:

Formal training, which could include:

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Interactive computer learning
  • Videotapes
  • Written materials

Practical training, which could include:

  • Demonstrations performed by the instructor
  • Practical exercises performed by the trainee




Your training should include both in-class and practical components



What Topics Should Be Covered In a Comprehensive Training Course

A comprehensive forklift training course should include the following topics:

forklift training

Your forklift training will help you work safely



When to Get a Refresher Course

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that forklift operators take and pass their forklift certification in Ontario at least every three years. Even if you have been constantly operating a lifting device, you still need to take a refresher course.

What the Refresher Course Covers

An operator refresher course will cover all of the basics of safe forklift operation and will remind you of and make sure you are following all of the safety procedures necessary when operating any lifting device. In addition, the course will go over the government legislation and guidelines that apply to forklifts and their proper use.



Forklift Certification in Ontario - Stay Up To Date!

You need to take a refresher course at least every 3 years



Wayco Provides The Quality Training You Need For Your Forklift Certification in Ontario

If you are looking for the best and most effective forklift training in Ontario, contact Wayco today. Wayco offers national coverage, local service, and we train both individuals or groups at your facility or ours. Our training is so effective that we also have a 98% pass rate.

Our Safe Operation of a Lift Truck/Forklift Program is an excellent way for you to ensure forklift safety in your workplace. With our training you will experience:

  • Innovative training practices
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible and professional trainers
  • Comprehensive in-class and practical experience

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