Forklift License Ontario – Ultimate Guide 2019 



Forklift License Ontario - Ultimate Guide 2019



Forklift license Ontario: Getting a forklift license/certification is a requirement for every forklift operator in Ontario. Proper forklift training is necessary to receive your certification and it is also a vital component in helping you and your employees work safely and efficiently. Contact Wayco today to book your forklift safety training session and receive your certification today.


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How Do You A Get Forklift License?

Instead of getting a license like you do when you want to drive a car, forklift operators are required by Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act, OHSA to receive a certification that shows you have the knowledge and skill to safely operate a forklift. You can receive a certification like this by taking a New Operator Forklift Training Course. To learn more about what this course includes, read our post entitled "All You Need to Know Guide for Forklift Training."


How Often Do You Need To Renew Your Forklift License?

The OHSA requires that every forklift operator should renew their certification every 3 years. You can do this by taking an Operator Refresher course, which will go over the basics of safe forklift operation as well as the government legislation and guidelines that pertain to lifting devices and their use. Taking this course will give you the renewed certification that you need in order to continue operating a forklift.




Renew your certification every 3 years


What Are Forklifts Used For?

A forklift is a heavy duty vehicle that is specially designed with forks that enable it to carry, lift, and stack many different kinds of materials. They can load and unload materials from trucks, ships, construction sites, or containers. Usually the materials are stacked on pallets, however, forklifts can also be used to move large single boxes, crates, drums, equipment, and even people. You can also attach a special broom to your forklift and use it to wet or dry sweep your warehouse, dock floor, or parking lot.



Forklifts can even be used to sweep floors


Main Industries that Use Forklifts

Warehouses: Forklifts are probably most commonly seen in warehouses where they are used to move and stack both small and large loads of products or materials. They are able to maneuver into and access areas that people aren't able to easily reach, such as high shelves and tight corners.

Construction Sites: At construction sites, forklifts are used to carry very heavy materials or loads from one area of the site to another. They are very useful in this industry for their ability to lift heavy loads to elevated ground. If they are equipped with pneumatic tires, they can easily navigate the bumpy terrain of a construction site. They can also be used to move trash and recycling bins, dumpsters, and portable toilets.

Shipyards: Forklifts are also used to load and unload ships on the dockyards. They can then carry the cargo to or from the ships and trucks.



EX50 series Komatsu forklifts

Rugged forklifts with pneumatic tires are great for use on construction sites



Types of Forklifts

You need to find out which type of forklift you will be using and then take your certification and training on that type of forklift. There are 7 different basic classifications of forklifts. These include:

Class 1 - Electric Motor Rider, Counter Balanced: Lift trucks in this category are powered by an electric motor. Their operators can either sit or stand to use them and they have a large weight in the back which helps to offset or counter-balance the weight of the load they are carrying.

Class 2 - Electric Motor Narrow Aisle: These types of trucks are also powered by electricity and are designed to work in especially tight, narrow spaces.

Class 3 - Electric Motorized Hand or Hand/Rider: This is another electric truck that is usually operated using a handle at the rear of the vehicle. They are also called pallet jacks and are low lift units.

Class 4 - Internal Combustion Engine, Cushion Tires: This category of forklift has an engine similar to that of a car and they use gasoline, diesel, or LP gas. They have solid tires for use indoors on smooth surfaces.

Class 5 - Internal Combustion Engine, Pneumatic Tires: This class of truck is similar to class 4, however, these vehicles are equipped with pneumatic tires, which means that they work well both inside and outside.

Class 6 - Electric and Internal Combustion Tractors: This category is actually a tractor and not really a forklift at all. They can be run on any type of gas or by electricity depending on their motor.

Class 7 - Rough Terrain, Pneumatic Tires: This final category of forklift is perfect for rough terrain as their large flotation tires help them easily navigate construction sites and lumber yards.



Class 7 Rough Terrain


Large flotation tires help class 7 forklifts navigate rough terrain



What Training Do You Need To Operate A Forklift?

The Canadian Standards Association, CSA, outlines the required safety standard for lift trucks in its third edition CSA B335. The purpose of this standard is to promote forklift safety and lower the risk of injuries to workers. It is a good idea, therefore, to make sure the training course that you choose meets or exceeds the requirements set out in this standard. A comprehensive training course should include such topics as:



Choose a course that meets CSA standards



According to the OHSA, forklift training should consist of a combination of:

1. Formal training, which could include:

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Interactive computer learning
  • Videotapes
  • Written materials

2. Practical training, which could include:

  • Demonstrations performed by the instructor
  • Practical exercises performed by the trainee





Formal class training is a required part of a forklift license course



Wayco Can Give You The Training You Need For Your Forklift License Ontario

If you are looking for the best and most effective forklift training in Ontario, contact Wayco today. Wayco offers national coverage, local service, and we train both individuals or groups at your facility or ours. Our training is so effective that we also have a 98% pass rate.

Our Safe Operation of a Lift Truck/Forklift Program is an excellent way for you to ensure forklift safety in your workplace. With our training you will experience:

  • Innovative training practices
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible and professional trainers
  • Comprehensive in-class and practical experience

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