Komatsu Forklifts: 3 Things You Need to Know 

Komatsu Forklifts


Komatsu forklifts have gained a well-earned reputation as one of the best forklifts for design innovation and manufacturing excellence. Komatsu produces one of the highest quality lift trucks you can find. If you are in the market for a forklift, but are not sure which type will best suit your particular requirements, contact the forklift experts at Wayco today.

1. A Brief History of Komatsu Forklifts

Komatsu ForkliftsKomatsu was established in 1921. It was named after the Japanese city of "Komatsu" which translates into English as "little pine tree." According to a legend, monk-emperor Kazan planted a pine sapling and the area where it grew came to be called "sono no komatsubara" (small-pine field with gardens). Since then this name has been shorted to "Komatsu". The first symbol chosen to represent Komatsu was small pine tree. The pine tree remained their symbol until the late nineteen-nineties when the company made a major change and adopted the current lettering: a unique variation of the letter "T".


Komatsu symbol

Today the new logo reflects the Komatsu image of reliability, stability and strength. Its vivid blue design and colour symbolizes a bold corporate character and demonstrates that Komatsu Forklifts is a leader in technological innovation.


In the 1960's in the United States, Komatsu started marketing its products and by 1970 a North American operation was established with a fresh vision for the industry. Their goal was to be more than just a supplier, but to become a trusted partner that could provide ongoing support for every customer. Today, Komatsu America is the second-largest, fully-integrated manufacturer and supplier of forklift equipment in North America with a reputation for reliability that’s second to none.

Komatsu builds many units in the United States and has established a network of manufacturing plants and parts. Komatsu manufactures more than forklifts. Their product line includes intelligent machine control, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, crawler dozers, off-highway trucks, and motor graders.

2. Types of Komatsu Forklifts

By using the know-how gained from years of experience in the production of industrial vehicles and the latest technology, Komatsu markets a variety of lift trucks, including small to large-sized engine-powered lift trucks, battery-powered lift trucks, and HST drive lift trucks. With this wide selection of vehicles, Komatsu can meet your diversified needs.



BX50 Series

Komatsu Forklift BX50

IC Cushion Komatsu Forklift
4,000lbs / 5,000lbs / 6,000lbs / 6,500lbs Capacity
LPG Power Type

The BX50 series is the heart of the Komatsu line. Whether you require a forklift that is able to be extremely agile and flexible and has cushion tires for working indoors or you require a more powerful, pneumatic model for outdoor applications, the BX50 will certainly be able to meet your needs. The BX50 has superior performance capabilities that can help to reduce operator fatigue, minimize operating costs, improve your working environment, and boost your bottom line.

Click here to take a virtual walk around of the BX50.




AX50 Series

Komatsu Forklift AX50

IC Pneumatic Komatsu Forklift
3,000lbs / 3,500lbs Capacity
LPG Power Type

Komatsu's AX50 has a great design covering even the smallest detail. Komatsu has drawn on it 80 years of engineering expertise to make this model one that delivers improved performance and unmatched strength for even your most demanding jobs. It uses advanced Clean Air Technology in order to bring emissions to well below regulations. This will give you and your employees a much more pleasant and productive working environment.


CX50 Series

Komatsu Forklift CX50



FH Series

Komatsu Forklift FH series

IC Pneumatic Komatsu Forklift
8,000lbs / 9,000lbs / 10,000lbs / 11,000lbs Capacity
Diesel Power Type

The FH series with its hydrostatic drive system, standard wet disc brakes, and Closed-center Load Sensing Hydraulic System (CLSS) will give you lower maintenance and operation costs. This diesel power hydrostatic drive family gets its durability and lower costs from its field proven components and rugged design. It can lower your cost of operation in a number of demanding, high-cycle operation.


DX50 Series

Komatsu Forklift DX50


IC Pneumatic Komatsu Forklift
15,400lbs / 18,000lbs Capacity
Diesel Power Type

If you are looking for a lift truck with a rugged and dependable life cycle cost benefit then consider Komatsu's DX50 with its diesel engine, drive-train adn wet disc brake system. It also comes equipped with a full suspension seat and dual-floating structure to give your operators a comfortable ride. With this model you should use less fuel and have lower total operating costs because of its unique Open-center Load Moderating Hydraulic System (OLMS).



EX50 Series

Komatsu Forklift EX50


IC Pneumatic Komatsu Forklift
22,000lbs / 25,000lbs / 30,000lbs / 35,000lbs Capacity
Diesel Power Type

The EX50 engine is designed with all of the know-how and expert design construction that Komatsu is famous for. It will give you better fuel efficiency, maximum productivity and you will enjoy lower operating costs. Even in the toughest of work environments, its wet disc brake system will provide you with increased durability and performance. It has excellent visibility, superb driver comfort and it's easy to operate. All these features are there to ensure greater productivity and efficiency.





AM50 Series

Komatsu Forklift AE50



Electric Riders 48 volt
3,000lbs / 3,500lbs / 4,000lbs Capacity
Cushion / Pneumatic Tire

If you are looking for significant total operating cost reductions, consider Komatsu's electric counterbalanced forklifts. These models are designed to improve truck performance and productivity. The AE50 and AM50 Series of three and four-wheel electric cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts truly demonstrate Komatsu's commitment to giving you what you need while conserving the environment and reducing your total cost of ownership.


BBX50 Series


Komatsu Forklift BBX50

Electric Riders 36/48 volt
4,000lbs / 5,000lbs / 6,000lbs / 6,500lbs Capacity

Komatsu's BBX50 has an extended model range and optional packages to meet your business's particular needs. If you are looking for more power, control, capacity and run time while reducing emissions and maintenance costs, take a look at the BBX50. This machine will accelerate your productivity from Total AC power traction and hydraulic systems. No matter how many loads you have to move, you can trust a Komatsu truck to get the job done.


FR50 Series


Komatsu forklift FR series



Narrow Aisle 36 volt
3,000lbs / 3,500lbs / 4,500lbs Capacity
Single / Double Reach

If you need a lift truck to maneuver in narrow aisles, then the FR Series is a great choice. Its new and innovative engineering will give you smooth and efficient control of critical truck functions while also providing the extended run times and improved truck efficiencies to make your job easier. It is designed with a heavy-duty mast and pantograph mechanism which makes it able to handle the toughest work cycles possible.

3. How Komatsu Forklifts Stack up Against the Competition

When it comes to forklifts, Komatsu forklifts are "Better than the Best!" This is because they:

  • Are Designed Better: Komatsu forklifts are designed using heavy equipment expertise to provide durable and dependable performance throughout their lifetime.
  • Have Lower Costs of Operation: They provide their customers with greater value through lower costs of operation, day-after-day.
  • Are Committed to Quality and Reliability: By upholding "Quality and Reliability" as the most important management policy, Komatsu is resolutely committed to providing safe, innovative products and services that best meet the needs and expectations of its customers around the world.
  • Are Built Better: At Komatsu Forklift their trucks are built better, are made to last, and they feature excellent ergonomic features.
  • Are Backed Better: They also back them better than the competition by offering Advantage Extended Coverage. Komatsu has always held their customer's satisfaction as top priority.

For a more in-depth look into how Komatsu forklifts compare to the competition, check out our article "Komatsu Forklift vs Competition."

Wayco: For High Quality Komatsu Forklifts in Kitchener

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