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Komatsu Forklifts - All You Need to Know




Komatsu has more than 80 years of experience in superior engineering and is well known for its innovative thinking and state-of-the-art technology. Over the years they have designed and manufactured Komatsu forklifts that are both ergonomically more comfortable for operators, and safer to run. As one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of earth-moving equipment, including construction, mining, and compact construction equipment, Komatsu proudly continues to provide you with the high-quality reliable products that you have come to rely upon.


What's New at Komatsu?

Komatsu continues to lead the way in design innovation and its latest offerings are no different. The following video will introduce you to Komatsu's newest design, the Tier 4 Final FH-2.


The FH2 series is rugged, reliable & construction strong to take on your toughest applications 


Komatsu Forklift Models

Komatsu manufactures four basic categories of forklifts. They include:

  • IC Cushion Forklifts
  • IC Pneumatic Forklifts
  • Electric Riders
  • Narrow Aisle

Internal Combustion (IC) Cushion & Pneumatic Forklifts

You have the choice of either cushion or pneumatic tires with Komatsu's IC Forklifts. IC forklifts have internal combustion engines that operate on either liquefied propane gas or diesel fuel.

komatsu forklifts
  Cushion forklifts are great for indoor  applications - BX50 Series


IC Cushion Forklifts

Cushion forklifts refer to the type of tire on your forklift. Cushion tires are the best choice for indoor applications. They give a comfortable, smooth ride and are agile and maneuverable which is necessary when working indoors. Komatsu's BX50 series offers you a cushion forklift that runs on liquefied propane gas. (LPG)  This series comes in load capacities from 4,000 lbs to 6,500 lbs.


  • Dual Floating Structure: Komatsu's dual floating structure's advanced ergonomic design will protect your operators by reducing the effects of engine vibration, noise, and heat. It includes additional suspension mounts that isolate the operator's compartment from the frame of the forklift.
  • Angled Exhaust Ports: The BX50's angled ports keep hot engine air away from your operators when they are reversing, thus reducing exposure to hot engine air and exhaust fumes. Its exhaust vent is located low on the counterweight to keep these gases away from your operators as well as away from the floor to prevent stirring up dust.
  • EZ View Mast System: The BX50 is designed with an excellent visibility window on the EZ view mast which allows your operators an unrestricted view of the fork tips and their surroundings.


IC Pneumatic Forklifts

Pneumatic Forklifts are designed for the more rugged terrain outdoors. Komatsu offers 6 different series of IC pneumatic forklifts with a choice of LPG/Dual Fuel or Diesel power.

CX50 Series forklifts
Pneumatic tires help your forklift over rugged outdoor terrain - CX50 Series



LPG/Dual Fuel

AX50 Series: The AX50 series uses advanced Clean Air Technology to bring exhaust emissions to a level that is well below regulations. This technology will give your operators a much more pleasant and productive working environment. The series features load lifting capacities from 3,000 to 3,500 lbs

BX50 Series: The BX50 series' pneumatic tires give you all of the features of its cushion tire counterpart only with heavy duty pneumatic tires which are better suited to the uneven and harsher surfaces and temperatures encountered when working outside. It's designed to give you superior performance and help you increase productivity. It comes in load lifting capacities of 4,000 to 6,500 lbs.

CX50 Series: The CX50 series has a unique hydraulic system that will give you a significant reduction in total operating costs combined with superior working performance. Click here for specific performance numbers. Its engine is controlled fully electronically with a 3-way catalytic system which will give you a cleaner work environment. It comes in load lifting capacities from 8,000 lbs to 11,000 lbs.

EX50 series Komatsu forklifts

The EX50 series has load lifting capacities which are available from 22,000 lbs to 35,000 lbs



FH Series: The FH series has a rugged design and field-proven components which make it highly durable with a low cost of ownership. It features a hydrostatic drive system, standard wet disc brakes, and closed-center load sensing hydraulic system which will reduce your costs of operation and maintenance. It comes in load lifting capacities from 8,000 lbs to 11,000 lbs.

DX50 Series: The DX50 series comes equipped with Komatsu's designed and manufactured diesel engine, drive-train, and wet disc braking system for a rugged and dependable operation. Its full suspension seat and dual-floating structures will give your operators superior comfort thus improving their efficiency and productivity. It comes in load lifting capacities from 15,400 lbs to 18,000 lbs.

EX50 Series: Komatsu's EX50 series offers their heaviest load lifting capacities which are available from 22,000 lbs to 35,000 lbs. Its cutting-edge engine technologies provide you with better fuel efficiency, maximum productivity, and lower operating costs. Click here for a complete breakdown of its engine, fuel, and performance specifications.



AM50 Series lift truck

Electric forklifts are now more popular than IC engine - AM50 Series


Electric Riders

The popularity of electric forklifts has increased greatly over the past decades. In the 1960's the ratio was 40% electric to 60% Internal Combustion engines; now the tables have turned with electric powered forklifts taking up 60% of the market and IC forklifts 40%. Electric forklifts are more powerful than they were in the past and their clean running and lower operating costs make them a great option.

Komatsu manufactures both cushion and pneumatic electric forklifts for you to choose from.

AE50 Series: This series comes with your choice of both cushion and pneumatic tires. Their load capacities range from 3,000 lbs to 4,000 lbs and they run on a 48V battery. The AE50 series features innovative engineering ideas which demonstrate Komatsu's commitment to the needs of their customers as well as the environment. To read more about these features, click here.

AM50 Series: The AM50 series comes with three wheels in either cushion or pneumatic options. These electric counterbalance forklifts will offer you significant reductions in your total operating costs while improving your productivity and performance. Find out more about their performance here. They come in a range of load lifting capabilities from 3,000 lbs to 4,000 lbs and have a 48V battery.

BBX50 Series: The BBX50 series features cushion tires and your choice of a 36V or 48V battery. It comes in a range of load lifting capacities from 4,000 lbs to 6,500 lbs and has optional packages that will let you customize it to meet your special applications. It provides you with more power, control, capacity, and runtime while reducing emissions and maintenance costs. Get the complete specifications here.


FR50 series narrow aisle
Narrow aisle forklifts are designed for tighter working spaces - FR50 Series



Narrow Aisle

FR50 Series: Narrow aisle reach trucks are designed to work in tighter spaces. Komatsu's FR50 series is built with a rugged and heavy-duty mast and pantograph mechanism which will let you handle even the toughest work cycles. Their load lifting capacities range from 3,000 lbs to 4,500 lbs and has a 36V battery. Its side-stance operator positioning will give your workers maximum visibility for both loading and directional travel. It is also equipped with a spacious cushioned floorboard and ample padding for greater comfort levels.




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