Battery PPE Kit

Personal Protective Equipment Kit

Protect your worker’s health and safety and help prevent workplace hazards!

Occupational Health and Safety laws require that all personnel wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing all battery maintenance or replacement. IRONguard’s Complete Forklift Battery Handling PPE Kit comes with everything needed to stay compliant and safe. Forklift batteries contain sulphuric acid which is a hazardous material and the MSDS information requires personnel to wear particular PPE. All the necessary equipment is in one box and the complete kit mounts conveniently on any wall, ensuring it is within easy reach.

PPE kit includes:

  • Neoprene safety handling gloves

  • Safety goggles/eye protection

  • Face safety shield/eye protection

  • Apron

  • Cap off removal tool

  • Flashlight

  • Battery hydrometer

  • Battery handling mounting board