Cormack Propane Safety Valve


Prevent dangerous surprises with the Cormack Propane Safety Valve

The Problem: LPG escaping while changing forklift cylinders.

Changing a LPG (liquid Propane gas) cylinder can sometimes give a forklift operator a big surprise! The seal in the cylinder valve can fail causing liquid propane gas to spray over the hand or face faster than they can react. Liquid propane vaporizes quickly (-42°C or -44°F) and will cause extreme frostbite if it touches skin. Almost every forklift operator has had a negative experience and they do not like getting hit with LP gas!

The Solution: Placing a shut-off valve on the hose to prevent the LPG coming back onto the operator.


  • Increases LPG cylinder exchange safety

  • Speeds up LPG cylinder changes

  • Fits almost all forklifts

  • Installation takes just minutes