IRONguard Safe Bump Forklift Protectors


IRONguard safe bump forklift protectors

Attaches to 4”, 5” and 6” forks in seconds

  • Only 1.5” thick

  • Protects product, forklift and anything the forklift might hit

  • Can bend 90⁰ to wrap around corners for maximum protection

  • Rated -50 degrees C to 105 degrees C (-58F to 302F)

  • Size: 18” L x 4” W x 1.5” D

Specifically designed for forklifts, these bumpers reduce damage in many applications. Safe-Bump attaches with two 100 lb magnets and (VHB) two way tape. The bumpers are made of soft PVC plastic that will absorb energy to prevent damage.

Safe-Bump can be attached to the forks so they will prevent product damage like metal, wood, drywall, furniture, bottles, cans, appliances and electronics.

Safe-Bump can also be used anywhere on the forklift body to absorb impacts. They attach to the truck with magnets and 3M VHB 2-way tape. The bumpers can easily bend 90 degrees so they can go around corners.