Stärke Cushion Forklift XVI Series

Capacity 4,000 lbs to  7,700 lbs

  • Cushion / Pneumatic Tire

  • Low Vibration Design

  • Clear View Mast

  • Wider Steering Angles

  • More Ergonomic Operator Cabin

Capacity: 4,000 LBS / 5,000 LBS / 6,000 / 7,700 LBS  / Tire Type: Cushion /Pneumatic
Power Type: LPG, Gas, Diesel, Dual fuel (Gas/LPG) / Mast Lowered: 78.7"
Mast Height: 270"New and Innovative Design and Engineering

The New XVI Series Starke cushion forklift masters almost any work environment and places a strong emphasis on operator comfort and ergonomics with excellent visibility and higher residual load capacity.