Stärke Electric 3 Wheel Mini Forklift


Capacity 2,000 – 3,000 lbs

  • Pneumatic

  • 3 Wheel Electric Mini Forklift

  • Side unload battery for battery removal / exchange

  • Rear wheel drive

  • Hydraulic Pump Motor

  • A wider mast, allowing for better visibility

  • Excellent ramp/grade performance

  • Impressive Turning Radius

Capacit: y3,000 lb | Tire Type: Solid Pneumatic | Power Type: Electric 24V
Mast Lowered: 78" | Mast Height: 196"
Vertical drive wheel offers easy maintenance

Revolutionize your factory, warehouse or indoor worksite with the ability to go from one end of your facility to the other with Stärke's Electric Forklift Mini and deliver materials directly to the production line or workstation without the weight, height or width restrictions encountered by traditional forklifts.