Stärke Forklift 

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Stärke Cushion Forklift

Stärke Material Handling Group provides a wide range of internal combustion counterbalance forklifts for all types of work environments. Wayco offers many high-quality Stärke Cushion Forklifts that are ergonomic, practical, and efficient.

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Stärke Electric Forklift

Stärke’s electric forklifts are durable and can handle all the challenges you may face in your workplace.

If you are looking for an environmentally solution, the electric forklift may be the perfect choice for you. They create zero emissions, and offer low energy consumption. Stärke's Energy Series forklifts are safe for indoor workplaces.

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Stärke Pneumatic Forklift

Stärke’s pneumatic forklifts are strong, durable, and dependable. is Strength. For company’s looking for economic solutions, the EcoMaxx Series may be the perfect choice. The EcoMaxx can cary up to 22,000 lbs and offers a low engine emission choice at great value!

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Stärke Stacker, Reach & Order Pickers

The LiftMaxx line of Manual & Electric Stackers, Reach Trucks & Order Pickers are perfect to use for hard-to-reach spaces. They offer increased maneuverability and are easy to operate.

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Stärke Walkie Rider Pallets

The durable LiftMaxx lines of manual and electric pallet trucks have been built to last years without issue. There are a wide range of pallets available so you can choose the one that is best for your unique workplace.

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