Starke LiftMaxx EMSA3300X Semi-Electric Straddle Stacker


Capacity 3,500 lbs

  • Semi-Electric Walkie Straddle Stacker

  • Powered Lift 12V

  • Manual Push Pull Functions

  • Straddle legs are fully adjustable

  • Forks fully Adjustable

Capacity: 3,500 lbs / Power Type: Semi-electric 12V
On board charger 

A straddle stacker balances loads by straddling the sides of the skid rather than using weight as the counter.
Will save you money on each tailgate loading? The cost is much less than a 3,500 lb capacity forklift. It will also assist in eliminating hand-bombing of products from the trailers at street level. Whether you decide on the manual, the semi-electric or fully-electric, will depend on how often you’ll be using the unit.”