Stärke Mobilität Series UTT05 Personnel Carrier

Mobilität means Mobility!

  • Load Capacity 660 lbs

  • Towing Capacity 1100 lbs

  •  Driver’s seat folds back allowing a second passenger

  • Ergonomically designed bucket seat with detachable back rest

  • Curtis fully programmable

  • Backup alarm

  • Parking brake

Capacity: 660 lbs | Power Type: Electric 24V
The Mobilität was built for industrial applications 

It combines the maneuverability of a personnel carrier, the strength of a burden carrier, and the pulling capacity of a light duty tug. Employing three times the return; the Mobilität replaces the need for a tug, personnel carrier and burden carrier. Get from point A to B quietly in your facility by yourself, with cargo, with a passenger or with a passenger while pulling a load.