How do you become forklift license certified? This is a common question for individuals seeking a forklift license and in this blog we will provide you with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. Lift trucks are vital tools for a company, but workers handling this type of equipment must be assured of their safety. The main duties of a lift truck operator are to move and transport heavy loads from place to place, from one pile to another. It is essential to learn about the types of equipment, workplace-specific hazards, conditions, and health and safety protocols to ensure an accident free working environment.

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Forklift License

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Are forklifts safe at all times? No! Forklifts are the cause of hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries to workers each year. That’s why there are MOL laws and regulations set that must be followed in order to inhibit the occurrence of industrial accidents. As an operator, you are in control, and you must prioritize safety above all else. You are making a commitment to the safe completion of work. To begin the process of certification, follow these six simple steps:

Step 1: Self Assessment

how to Reduce Forklift Accidents

No forklift experience is required to obtain your forklift certification, but what you do need to know is what Forklift Classification Type you want to be certified on. If you are looking to start a new career, of if you simply want to expand your skill set, our training programs are catered to your needs, and we can provide you with the knowledge and the expertise to get your certificate.

In the event you do not have a job operating a forklift, you will have to decide on the standard or most common type of forklift being used in the industry today. There 2 common forklift types used in the industry which are Internal Combustion forklift (Class 4 & 5) or Electric Sit down Forklift (Class 1). Learn the necessary skills to protect your life and you will be in high demand with employers.

If you are currently employed, you will know exactly which forklift type certification you need. It is your employer's responsibility to provide you with the proper forklift training.

Step 2: Enrolling for a Forklift License Certification Course

Now that you have decided which forklift certification you need, there are a number of factors to think about, when looking for the best forklift training. Asking about pricing is a good ideForklift Licensea, but it is more important to know what is included in that price. Remember to ask how much training you will receive. A forklift license is not just a piece of plastic; it is knowledge taught by experienced certified teachers which will give you the correct skills that will ensure the safety of a forklift when you drive it. It is important that the training applies to your job criteria with proper equipment, course quality, training content, scheduling and pricing. You need more than just online training; you need hands on training to know how to operate a forklift. The professional forklift instructor needs to know that you have learned and absorbed the required material and can put it to practical use. If you need to retest if you failed at a later date find out if there is an additional cost.

SAFETY FIRST! Our commitment to safety is at the forefront of our business philosophy and we are passionate and dedicated to providing our forklift operators with the training, knowledge and sufficient knowledge based on OSHA Ontario standard. Companies must comply with OSHA regulations If they don't, you are not guaranteed that you can become forklift certified.

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Step 3: Attending the Classroom Lectures

Do you want to Learn How to Drive / Operate a Forklift? It is imperative that you understand all the Forklift Licenseprocedures and OHSA safety guidelines before working as a Certified Forklift Operator to prevent accidents in the workplace.

Our qualified instructors will focus on topics such as stability, pre-inspection, safe driving techniques (lifting, loading, stacking) and refueling procedures necessary for a safe workplace in warehouses, factories or other industrial settings. You will be supplied with a workbook and shown a video about proper forklift techniques, emergency prevention and response, and hazardous material transportation. You will find out the Do's ad Don'ts through this video program and with the instructor's lesson. Our classroom training is designed to ensure that the trainees have sufficient knowledge to become competent skilled forklift operator.

Step 4: Passing the Written Forklift License Examination

After the formal lecture, you will be given a written test. This is an effective and important component for forklift training. The purpose of the test is to gauge the understandings of the operators gained from the classroom discussion. The instructor will give you a test to make sure you have all the tools you need to become a proficient and safe forklift operator . This test is administered for evaluation reasons to make sure you understand what a forklift is, the proper steps to take before starting the forklift, operating the forklift safely, and any additional and important points the instructor has pointed out.

Once you pass the forklift operator written training test, you are ready to get driving!

Step 5: Actual or Hand-On Forklift OperationForklift License

When you have completed the classroom lecture and passed the test, you're now ready to receive the hands-on training. This part of the course will be the longest and most taxing, so you will need to pay close attention, ask questions and practice as much as you can! The practical test is where you will demonstrate your own skills by following a set of instructions from the qualified trainer. Our experienced trainer will instruct you on how to accomplish a set of duties including basic machine starting, properly using forklift controls and signals, safe refuelling, loading and lifting materials at different heights, maneuvering in tight spaces, safe parking and many others. Our instructor will make a performance evaluation based on the skill you exhibited driving the forklift to ensure you are a competent forklift operator.

Step 6: Evaluation

Forklift License

When you have completed the classroom lecture, passed the written test, and received a satisfactory rating during the hands-on driving you will be given an evaluation. If you have received a satisfactory rating, then you have successfully demonstrated the abilities to safely operate a forklift, including the ways in which they travel loaded and unloaded. You will also be competent in safely raising, lowering, and handling a forklift, as well as how to perform preventative maintenance and driving/operation skills.

Our certified trainer will issue you an operator certificate wallet card and a printed wall certificate that you can show to your supervisor or prospective employer. This certificate expires every three years At that time you will need to take a refresher training course for your renewal. As a courtesy, here at Wayco, we keep track of your renewal date and will notify you one month prior to the expiration date. If you do not receive your renewal notice, you are still responsible for renewing your certification on time.

Summary Infographic: All You Need To Know

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