Stärke Forklifts: 3 Things You Need to Know 

Stärke forklifts are manufactured by a Canadian company that understands the struggles dealers face on a day-to-day basis and recognizes the need for a different approach and a new business model. Keep reading to discover three things you need to know about this company and the products available. If you are in the market for a forklift, but are not sure which type will best suit your particular requirements, contact the forklift experts at Wayco today.


Stärke forklifts

A Brief History of Stärke Forklifts

Stärke Material Handling Group is a wholly Canadian owned and operated company that is certainly very familiar with the materials handling industry. The company's roots date back to a family-owned dealership established in the Niagara Region during the 1930's. After years serving as a Canadian master distributor for other offshore brands, the Stärke brand was established in 2010 as a way to introduce small-to-medium-sized forklift and lift equipment dealerships to a revenue stream previously restricted to larger dealerships in the materials handling industry, according to company president Ted Lucas.

Here's an excerpt from the company's origin story:

"Unlike many other material handling equipment brands, our company has a simple origin, beginning in 1939 as a small service-oriented shop in Southern Ontario, Canada. For decades, our first and foremost concern was servicing and maintaining lift equipment with an emphasis on quality, service and safety above all else. Yet as the industry changed around us we adapted to the new reality of globalization as the manufacturing industry slowly dwindled around us.

"After years of receiving little for our efforts, we decided that the only way to achieve these goals was to branch out on our own and create a brand for dealers, by dealers. Using our experience representing other brands, we created the Stärke brand around a cooperative business model designed to succeed where the others failed."

Stärke forklifts are constructed based on a corporate philosophy that guides the overall business model, strategy, direction, customer service and product design, all of which factor into the company's core values:

  • High quality equipment
  • Common sense innovations
  • Robust selection of in-demand material handling equipment
  • Strong dealer support systems
  • Providing industry-leading equipment warranties

Types of Stärke Forklifts

Stärke offers a selection of internal combustion counterbalance forklifts for most work environments including warehousing, manufacturing, agricultural, and retail applications. Their Professional Series of forklifts provide unmatched operator comfort, ergonomics, performance, and quality. Stärke forklifts fall under four main types, all of which come in a range of models and with different capabilities: Internal combustion forklifts, stackers, electric narrow aisle forklifts, and electric pallet trucks.

Here's a look at some of the designs. Click on each for more information:

Stärke Cushion Forklift Stärke Electric Forklift

Stärke forkliftsStärke forklifts


Stärke Pneumatic Forklift Stärke Stacker, Reacher, Order Picker

Stärke forkliftsStärke forklifts


Stärke Utility Vehicle Stärke Walkie Rider Pallets

Stärke forkliftsStärke forklifts


The LiftMaxx line of Manual & Electric Stackers, Reach Trucks, Order Pickers and Walkie Rider Pallets are designed for maximum maneuverability, optimized visibility, maximum performance, and ease of service. Each is built for years of trouble-free use. Additionally, Stärke forklifts provide high quality and durable equipment for even the most challenging applications. Their counterbalanced electric forklifts offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution with zero emission, low energy consumption models. As an environmentally friendly material handling solution, Stärke's Energy Series features a range of electric forklifts ideal for indoor work environments.

The Stärke Forklifts Advantage

For this, we will look specifically at the MXA line of electric pallet trucks.

According to Justin Engel from the Stärke Material Handling Group, "the MXA line of pallet trucks utilizes a tiller handle that’s mounted onto the top of the unit to maximize operator comfort and maneuverability without sacrificing durability." This setup provides an ergonomic pivot point, allowing operators to handle the unit without bending down, thereby reducing lower back strain and improving operator comfort.

Additionally, "the top mounted tiller handle also reduces the amount of energy required to maneuver the unit as the tiller handle rotates directly above the drive wheel instead of revolving around the circumference of the drive motor."

Next, the MXA line of electric pallet trucks features Stärke’s advanced Continuous Stability System instead of the bilateral fixed stops found on most of the competition; "When contrasted with the fixed supports used by the competition, Stärke’s Continuous Stability System dramatically increases load and unit stability, leading to improved safety and reduced product damage."

The MXA line was designed with dual roller wheels to provide greater load stability and improved durability in comparison to single roller wheel units. This dual roller wheel setup offers improved front-end stability when moving a load by doubling the contact area at the front of the unit. This also reduces the amount of strain placed on a given roller wheel, thereby reducing the rate of wear.

In short, Stärke forklifts are made in Canada, and emphasize design durability and toughness in all of their equipment, and this remains true for the MXA line of electric pallet trucks, which are built for extensive use in industrial applications.

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