Top 5 Forklift Safety Videos


Forklift Safety

Forklift safety prevents immediate dangers to yourself and other employees working in your area. Drivers who operate forklifts with proper forklift training will prevent, or even reduce accidents from happening on the job site. Get in touch with us today and start reducing your accidents at the workplace. These top 5 videos will show forklift operators how to remain safe on the job.




1. Forklifts Are Not Toys

Find out the difference between driving a forklift and a car

Creator: American Lift Equipment

As you can see from the above video, forklifts are not toys. When used safely, they save you time and make your job much easier. The number one priority for forklift safety is to be aware of your surroundings.  Imagine how much more work would have to be done if we didn't have forklifts. Forklifts are powerful tools but you must be trained and authorized before you begin to use one and once you begin driving you should follow all the safety rules and procedures. The above video goes over some basic rules that every forklift operator needs to know. You will find out that the forklift steering is not the same as car steering. The stability of a forklift is also quite different from a car. The video also makes several good points you may not be aware of which could save you from getting pinned under the forklift. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) standards require every forklift operator to be a competent person. Your employer, your co-workers and your family want you to finish every shift safely. Please contact us today and get your proper training!


2. Let's See A Show of Hands

Learn how to prevent forklift accidents

Creator:Mentor FLT Training Ltd

An easy way to improve forklift safety is with forklift operator communication as demonstrated in this video entitled "Show Your Hand!"  When the forklift operator shows their hand it will reduce the risk of accidents or serious injuries. Pedestrians are at the highest risk for serious injury; 57% of people injured in accidents involving forklifts are pedestrians. Forklift accidents in the workplace happen because of a lack of forklift operator communication, So how do we limit the risk? With an effective forklift safety method called "Show Your Hands". When the forklift driver sees any pedestrian they should hold up their hand in a stop motion. The pedestrian should look out for hand signals; if they see the hand signal they are too close. Forklifts are so heavy and powerful that even the smallest bump from a forklift can send a pedestrian flying. Take responsibility for your own safety and for the pedestrians around you today.


3. What's Wrong With This?

Can you pick out the forklift safety mistakes?

Creator: Industrial Container Services

This video shows some common mistakes to avoid when operating a forklift. Your job is to carefully watch this video and point out where the forklift operator made mistakes. If you miss a mistake or an infraction, make sure you remember it and apply it to your day-to-day work.  Every forklift driver will make a mistake at some point. Just as even the most careful road user will have a bump at some point in their driving life. Even the most experienced forklift operators will make common and routine mistakes.

Forklift operators must take their jobs seriously. Forklift operators drive around forklifts moving materials in busy areas including storage yards, factories, and warehouses.There are often other operators, pedestrians, and co-workers within close vicinity of an operating forklift. They need to beware of safety procedures too and the possible danger of being around a forklift, in order to prevent serious injuries — and even death. Let us also remind you that is it required by OSHA that ALL operators of forklifts be properly trained.


4. Safety Starts With You!

Observe the safety rules that could keep your work environment safe

Creator:   Safety Memos
This video tells us that safety starts with you. It goes through 8 important rules to follow when operating a forklift in the workplace. Every year 11% of forklift injuries are caused by accidents that could have been prevented if the simple safety rules would have been followed. The video addresses the following rules:
  • make a daily inspection
  • wear seat belts
  • watch out for pedestrians,
  • keep people away
  • slow down
  • adjust your driving according to the driving surface
  • follow the rules of a raised load
  • beware of your center of gravity

Also mentioned is "distraction", which is risky behavior.  When you’re distracted you’re not paying full attention to your task.  Many forklift operators do not recognize this as an obvious hazard. Recognizing hazards will reduce serious injuries or even death.


5. Ontario Inspects Forklifts For Safety

Learn how to be prepared for your next visit by the Ontario Forklift Inspector

Created: ONgov

Ontario MOL (Ministry of Labour) inspectors will come to your workplace to ensure that all forklift operators have been trained and educated. The role of the inspector is to conduct inspections and investigations and to make sure the employers are complying with their responsibilities. In the video the inspector talks about what she looks for during a forklift inspection. Not only are they inspecting for compliance but also to work with employers and workers to educate them about best practices in workplace safety. Specific hazards, health, and safety in your workplace are discussed with the inspector. They believe that all forklift accidents are preventable and with safe operation, proper measures and procedures and good equipment there is no reason to have a forklift incident in your workplace.



In summary, forklift safety is a serious matter. Forklift accidents which result in the loss of life, significant personal injuries, and damage to products and property can be prevented with the proper training and adherence to the rules. Contact us to learn how to operate a forklift and other powered industrial trucks safely. It may save your life.


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