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Forklift Rental Waterloo: It's a fact that you can't always have all of the equipment you need for your day-to-day operations. That's where Wayco can help! At Wayco, we can provide you with a huge selection of forklifts, personnel lift devices, and other material handling equipment that you may need to fill in those production gaps when you need it the most. Equipment may also suddenly break down at a crucial time in production. Don't leave yourself short or find yourself in a costly downtime. Contact Wayco today to rent the equipment you need to get you back up and operating at full capacity.


Forklift Rental Waterloo

Whether you have an equipment breakdown, a need to temporarily increase your production, or you have a short-term job that requires forklift equipment you don't have, renting can be your best option.

Forklift rental can give you access to the equipment you need right away without a major capital investment and long-term commitment that you are not prepared to make. Rentals also give you all the benefits of forklift equipment without the worries of ongoing maintenance.

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Forklift rental is a great solution if you have a temporary need for
increased production


At Wayco We Can Offer You:


Short and Long Term Rentals: Daily, weekly, or Monthly

It doesn't matter how long you need to rent your forklift, we have a contract to suit your needs. Don't worry about being tied to a longer contract than your actually need. You can choose between daily, weekly, or monthly contracts - whatever makes the most sense for you and your situation.

Competitive Rates

Don't worry about the cost of renting from Wayco; we offer the most competitive rental rates available. We will tailor a rental plan that fits your equipment rental requirements.

A Wide Selection of Sizes and Weight Capacities (3,000 - 80,000 lbs)

No matter what your needs are, Wayco has the right size and type of forklift for you. You can choose from lower to extremely high weight capacities depending on the types of loads that you need to move.

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Choose the exact size and type of forklift you need to rent


Equipment for Indoor and Outdoor Use

We also offer you the choice of electric, propane, and diesel models to suit the environment that you are working in. If you need to use your forklift inside, we have a large selection of electric forklifts to do the job safely and economically.

If you need a more rugged truck for outside applications and rough terrain, you can rent one of our sturdy diesel forklifts. The diesel truck has both the power and durability to handle the toughest outdoor conditions.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Production Increases

Forklift rentals offer you a cost-effective way to get the extra equipment that you need during peak seasons or higher volume. Instead of investing in extra equipment that you will only use for a portion of the year, why not rent the units that you require for the period that you need them?

It doesn't make sense to have equipment that you have paid a lot of money for sitting idle for long periods of time. Renting means that you are only paying for the time that you use the equipment.

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Rent a forklift while yours is being serviced at Wayco and enjoy reduced rates


Advantages Of Wayco's Forklift Rental Waterloo


Take Advantage of Reduced Rental Rates During Servicing by Wayco:

If your forklifts need servicing but you can afford to stop production while this is taking place, come to Wayco for your servicing and we will rent you replacement equipment at a reduced wait. Your forklifts will get the excellent service that they need to keep them running efficiently and your business won't suffer from any downtime.

Enjoy Hassle Free Maintenance:

One huge advantage of renting your forklift equipment is that you are not responsible for the maintenance. Wayco's rental program includes regular maintenance which means that they are maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications. Each piece of equipment is quality inspected before delivery, and the regular maintenance is done at no extra cost to you.

Get Convenient Delivery to Your Location:

Don't worry about getting your forklift rental to your place of business. Wayco will conveniently deliver your rental right to you.

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Wayco will deliver your rental forklift right to you


A Rent-to-Own Program:

If you need to expand your forklift fleet but you don't have the capital to buy that extra equipment that you want upfront, why not check out Wayco's rent-to-own program. Rent-to-own allows you to make affordable monthly payments and eventually the forklift will be yours.

Large Fleet Discounts:

If you have a large number of forklifts that you need to rent, Wayco can also offer you a large fleet discount on top of our already competitive rates. Contact Wayco today to find out more about this great discount.


Ask Us about Our Leasing Options

If you need to keep your forklift equipment for a longer period of time, you may want to consider leasing it. Ask us today about our flexible and affordable leasing program.


Wayco is always there when we need them. Whether it’s a last minute call when a machine is down,
to generously providing the equipment we need at Christmas time to make sure emergency food is distributed, we know we can always count on them.

- Colin, a Wayco customer

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Wayco can also give your operators the safety training they need


Wayco: We Also Sell Top Quality New and Used Forklifts and We Can Give You The Safety Training You Need

If you are looking for to purchase top quality new or used forklifts, contact WaycoWe sell the best forklifts you can buy and our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you choose the perfect model that will best suit your particular applications.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions and we can even provide top-notch safety training for your operators. Contact Wayco today for all of your forklift needs.

Wayco's intense and comprehensive forklift safety training program will provide you and your employees with the best safety training at the best price. This thorough program has a 98% pass rate. We can train individuals or groups at our facility or yours - you choose.

Our Safe Operation of a Lift Truck/Forklift Program is an excellent way for you to ensure forklift safety in your workplace. With our training you will experience:

• Innovative training practices

• Affordable pricing

• Flexible and professional trainers

• Comprehensive in-class and practical experience

Contact Wayco today to book your next session.