Battery Care Program

Forklift Batteries are very expensive and are replaced far too soon as a result of improper care and neglect. To help our customers with electric forklifts save money and unnecessary costs, Wayco provides a forklift BATTERY CARE program.

A monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly inspection of your equipment batteries and chargers making sure it’s done correctly and on a routine basis.

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Battery Care Program

Reduce operating costs by catching small problems before they become major expenses.

►Check cell voltages 
►Check specific gravity 
►Check electrolyte levels 
►Check water system 
►Check cables and connectors 
We’ll design a maintenance program specifically designed to your fleet. 

We’ll help save you costs!


Charger Program

Forklift batteries are designed for a long life, it is up to the user to ensure that proper charging occurs so the battery performs as it was designed to.

►Check cable voltage 
►Check output currents 
►Check equalize modes 
►Check cables and connectors
Constant neglect and bad treatment will only end in increased expenses. 

We can save you money!



Personal Protective Equipment is a mandatory required item to be placed in your designated charging area. 

►Neoprene safety handling gloves 
►Safety googles / eye protection 
►Face safety shield/eye protection 
►Battery hydrometer 
►Battery handling mounting board
Everything you need in box!


Protect Your Employees!

As per the Canadian Safety Association, employees MUST be trained in how to safely use and move batteries. Our training program covers everything from daily maintenance practices to battery watering and emergency procedures in the event of a spill. It combines hands-on practical applications, a comprehensive theoretical test and certificate of completion of each participant.