5 Reasons to Buy a Used Forklift 

used forklift


In today's economy, purchasing a used forklift for your company is a savvy option. Keep reading to discover five reasons why you should choose this route. Wayco's pre-owned forklifts give you great value for your money! We purchase surplus equipment and we will accept your old model as a trade in. We also offer financing for your used forklift purchase. We inspect and certify all pre-owned equipment that we sell, and offer incredible warranties to take the worry out of your purchase. Contact us today to learn more.


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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Forklift

You might think that the safest choice is to buy a brand new forklift for your warehouse, but depending on your budget and operations, pre-owned may be the way to go. Keep reading to find out why, and be sure to also check out Buying Used Forklifts: All You Need to Know.

Consider Your Needs

You may be considering going all out with the purchase of a brand new forklift, and while it might look spectacular in your warehouse, you should first consider the needs of your business. For example, if your forklift is to be used to its maximum potential on a daily basis, you risk paying for unused capacity. In this case, a used forklift truck could be a better choice for your business so that you get the best value for your investment.


Forklift license in Ontario

Assess whether you really need a full-capacity vehicle


A Used Forklift Will Save You Money

As you begin to assess whether to purchase a new or used forklift, and take into account all the ongoing costs of running your business, it may become apparent that investing in a brand new piece of equipment is an unnecessary luxury.

A used forklift will often be much cheaper than a brand new model, even if they have only been lightly used. Remember: your forklift will depreciate in value the moment you start using it, similar to a car. At the end of the day, a used forklift truck can deliver a better return on investment.


used equipment

A used forklift is likely to be better for your bottom line


You Can Get a Used Forklift Quicker

Generally speaking, the lead time for a new forklift can sometimes be fairly long - according to Toyota, it typically takes twelve weeks from the time a new forklift is ordered until it gets delivered to the customer. If your previous equipment goes down and you're in a pinch, that 12 weeks will seem like an eternity. You don't want to be in a position where you will potentially lose money on jobs that you can’t complete without the necessary equipment.

When purchasing a used forklift, you’ll usually acquire it very quickly because they are generally more readily available than brand new models. This will allow you to start using your equipment right away.

In other words, you can avoid a lengthy delivery time by buying used.


forklifts outside

Don't let work pile up as you wait for a brand new forklift


Your Maintenance Needs Will Be Simpler

Here's the thing with used forklifts - servicing the equipment could be quicker and easier for mechanics because the technology is better known and spare parts are more readily available than for newer, state-of-the art machines.

Additionally, by carefully selecting a used forklift, you should get a machine that is inspected and fixed by experts to make sure it’s refurbished and in good working condition. Many used machines come with a warranty as well.

Don't forget: A forklift fleet in top working condition will experience lower repair costs and higher machine utilization. In order to achieve this level of operating time, your equipment must be managed with well planned schedules designed to meet your company’s operating requirements. Learn more about preventative maintenance here.


forklift inspections

Used forklift maintenance needs tends to be simpler than those of new machines


Your Employees Will Be Familiar With the Equipment

Brand new forklifts could have certain ergonomic and operational features that your drivers are still unfamiliar with. This will require you to spend more time and money on training before any equipment can be used.

You should therefore consider the pre-existing knowledge and expertise of your forklift operators with older equipment before making your purchase decision. The familiarity of a used model could ensure that you put your forklift or fleet to work right away.


forklift safety training

Familiarity with pre-owned lifts will help your employees get to work right away


Trust Wayco Forklift Equipment!

"Our company shopped around for the most competitively priced lift equipment repairs and rental services in the KW region and found Waco Multi Lift Inc. Their repair rates were lower than the other companies out there and the service is prompt and professional for our in house lift trucks. With one phone call a tech arrives within a couple hours. We are also renting a 3 year old lift truck from them in new condition, they found just the right truck for our needs. Their repair Techs are knowledgeable and friendly and get the job done no matter what the problem is. Just want to thank Steve P, Chris and Rob for their help the past few months for keeping our production and shipping rolling."

- CanadianBakeInn

Read more customer reviews here.

Choosing the right forklift will ensure that every cent spent counts, so you should have a realistic budget in mind; buying a forklift is an important business investment and there are no shortcuts to take and no corners to cut.

Remember to check out our used forklifts. We can also provide you with training, service programs, parts, and rentals. Don’t forget we are just a phone call or email away. When you're ready, contact us to purchase a used forklift.

Our dedicated sales experts will help you find the perfect used forklift for your needs and application. We can also provide you with planned maintenance agreements, safety inspections, forklift parts, and operator training!

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