Everything You Need To Know About IRONguard Forklift Safety Products

IRONguard forklift safety products are well known for their commitment to keeping you and your employees safe. All of their parts and equipment have been developed and manufactured with the highest standards of safety and protection. Wayco is a proud distributor of IRONguard products. You can purchase IRONguard forklift safety products from Wayco. Contact us today for all of your safety parts and equipment needs.


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featured IRONguard Forklift Safety Products
IRONguard manufactures safety products designed for loading docks, warehouses, and industrial environments




IRONguard Forklift Safety Products

IRONguard has developed and manufactured an extensive array of products designed for safety in loading docks, warehouses, and industrial environments. Read on to find out more about some of their top forklift safety products.



Two-post trailer stand - from IRONguard
The two-post trailer stand will help prevent a trailer from up-ending or tipping over - Source: IRONguard



Two-Post Trailer Stand


When the cab of a transport is disengaged from its trailer, the trailer may either up-end or tip over when you drive your forklift inside. A support system placed under a trailer's front end can help prevent this from happening. The IRONguard two-post trailer stand is better than any single post support system because it will eliminate both trailer up-ending and trailer tip-overs. Its twin weight-bearing posts make it much more stable than a single post solution.



Learn how easy it is to set up and position the two-post trailer stand



  • The two load-supporting posts are quick and easy to position
  • Simple spinning height adjustment
  • Enhanced stability from a 2-post system
  • Supports up to 45,359 kg static load capacity - 22,678 kg per post
  • 152 mm diameter supporting pads
  • 254 mm diameter wheels
  • 1-year limited warranty

For more information on all of the trailer stands that IRONguard manufactures, click here.

Perfect for: Lighter weights and higher traffic docks



Forklift Arrow Spotter
The forklift arrow spotter is perfect to use around blind corners - Source: IRONguard


Forklift Arrow Spotter

Description: The forklift arrow spotter is a must if you are operating a forklift around pedestrians. It will project a large, bright blue or red arrow on the ground, 10 to 20 feet away in front of or behind your forklift. These arrows will alert any pedestrian that there is a forklift operating nearby and it will also show the pedestrian in which direction the lift truck is moving. This is extremely helpful when you are working around blind corners or trailers. As soon as a pedestrian or other forklift operator sees the arrow, they will know that your forklift is approaching. Installing one on the front and rear of your forklift will enable you to alert people of your presence from both ends.


  • Easy to install and ready to use in minutes
  • Come in both bright blue and bright red lights
  • Equipped with a 50,000-hour LED light to last longer
  • Aluminum heatsink housing and a polycarbonate lens
  • 12-60 Voltage
  • Size: 3.25" x 5.75" x 3"
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs

Perfect for: Forklifts operated around pedestrians, especially useful for blind corners

You may also be interested in a similar product: IRONguard's Rear Spotter Light, also available from Wayco



Guarding systems
Installing guarding systems will protect your operators, employees, assets, and building. Source: IRONguard



Guarding Systems

Description: There are several types of guarding systems that you can install in order to protect your operator and other employees from forklift collisions. These can include installing guardrails, bollards, and column guards. IRONguard guarding systems are built strong to deliver maximum protection. They are all a bright, safety yellow colour so they stand out and they are warehouse tough to protect people, equipment, and assets in the case of a bump.

SlowStop Bollards and Railings:

SlowStop Bollards and Guardrails are designed to keep forklifts from coming into contact with people or your warehouse assets.


  • Patented, impact absorbing bollards and guardrails are designed to bounce back after impact
  • Absorb impact to protect people and assets
  • Offer a softer landing to protect warehouse vehicles
  • Rarely need replacing as they can absorb and deflect over and over again



See the SlowStop guarding systems in action


Column Guards

Column guards protect the structural building support columns that are engineered to support the immense vertical load required to hold up your roof.


  • Blocks any potentially devastating impacts
  • Provides 360-degree protection from accidental impacts with building supports
  • Protects against any accidental fork impact as the guards rise above the recommended travel height of forks for moving forklifts
  • Can completely stop a 10,000 lb forklift traveling at 3 to 4 mph



Learn about the effectiveness of using IRONguard column guards


Perfect for: Protecting people, assets, and your warehouse structure



RapidrollRapidRoll is an easy to use fencing system that is lightweight and highly portable - Source: IRONguard





RapidRoll is a great visual barrier that you can use to effectively secure an outdoor worksite, hazard zone, or maintenance area. It is an easy to use fencing system that is highly portable and can be set up or taken down by one worker in a matter of minutes.


  • Easier site securement means less set up time and more efficient work time
  • Quickly creates a clearly defined protective zone that keeps workers and civilians protected
  • Lightweight and easy to carry - weighs 12.7 kg
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly
  • Option of up to 50 feet of fencing

Perfect for: Securing an outdoor worksite, hazard zone, or maintenance area



See for yourself how easy RapidRoll is to use



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